How to Land a 2nd Date with a Man from Los Angeles Matchmakers

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A lot of women out there try very hard to get a date with a man, while some get it very easily.  However, what’s becoming a big problem in today’s dating world is landing a 2nd date.  Women might give it their best shot but are never sure if they will land a second date or not.  Getting a second date has become a big challenge for many women, but don’t panic, our professional Los Angeles matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles has compiled some helpful advice on how to land a second date easily.

How?  Well, it’s simply by awareness.  First, you must be aware of what men are attracted to and what irritates them.  Once you know what those two things are, you will succeed, not just in landing a second date, but starting a meaningful relationship.  Are you ready to get the insight?  We think so, so let’s get on with it!


Don’t Mention the Word Commitment

The very thought of the word commitment will scare almost any man away, so during your first date, don’t mention about being in a committed relationship.  Remember, he will not decide about you so early on—you need to give him time to get to know you and you to get to know him.  Never mention the words ‘committed relationship’ or ‘commitment’ when you’re out together for the first time.  And of course this will also include all the things you expect from a man and a relationship.
Our Los Angeles matchmaker team encourages you to keep your first date as fun and light as possible—enjoy getting to know him, show him your good sense of humor and just have fun in general.  If you by any chance get into that direction of relationships, try to switch the topic to something else—it will be in your best benefit.

Be a Little Mysterious

This one can’t be stressed enough.  Don’t tell him everything about yourself on the first date.  Our Los Angeles matchmaker team suggests you share a little with him and leave him wanting more—doing this will make him want to see you again, which is what you want.  We’ve heard it all before–some women like to talk so much they just end up going on and on, and on… and share everything about themselves on a first date.  When this happens, the man feels like he knows everything about her, but she knows nothing about him.  You must avoid this type of situation by letting him do some talking and sharing as well.  Be different than those women and give him a chance to get to know you, little by little, date by date.

Do Not Mention Exes

It is always best to avoid talking about anything in regards to the past.  To be more specific, discussing ex-boyfriends or how much you hate them today.  No negative talk, justifications, or explanations in regards to your ex should out during your first date conversation.  If he asks you a direct question about your ex, simply reply politely, but vaguely.  If you are the one that initiates the talk about your ex, he is immediately going to believe you’re not over him.

Always Mind Your Manners

You already know this one, but we’ll mention it anyway—always say please and thank you.  When you meet him for the first time, you must always use those words.  For example, when you are out at the restaurant, you should always thank him for opening the doors, pulling out your chairs, and helping you with your coat.  Also, at the end of the night, thank him for the great time the two of you had together—whether it was at a restaurant, a movie, or anything you might have done.  Men like it when women appreciate their gestures, so this is something you must remember if you want to make a good impression and land a second date.

Take His Compliment with Pride

When a gentleman compliments you, don’t act like a little girl and put your head down as though you’re embarrassed or bashful.  Instead, take the compliment he’s giving you and say thank you—and take it with pride.  This is the time to show that you are a confident woman.  Even though you look great and feel great, it’s always nice to hear it from someone else.  Why make silly faces when he’s giving you a compliment?  Our Los Angeles matchmaker team knows firsthand men find it very attractive when a woman is full of confidence, so take this opportunity and show him you’re secure in yourself.

Don’t Talk about the Future

Let him be the one to initiate any type of conversation in regards to the future or relationships.  Do not make him feel like you already made up your mind about wanting to be with him in a long term relationship.  If he tells you he would love to see you again and/or considers you a potential partner, you can give him a positive answer like, “That is nice,” or “Oh, really?” but don’t start jumping up and down the moment he says those words.  Let him be the one to be excited about seeing you again—that’s how you get a second date with a man—and that’s how you get a relationship off to a good start.


If you still have not landed a second date, even after applying these helpful tips from our Los Angeles matchmakers, it might be time to start checking yourself.  Go ahead, take a closer look–check the way you’re dressing, check the way you’re carrying yourself, how much makeup you’re wearing, check the way you speak, check the way you present yourself… Maybe your choices in men and perhaps your conversation skills too.  Maybe you’re missing an essential card or maybe you’re not playing your cards right.  Be yourself and let him discover more about you and your personality with each date.  
If you’re struggling to meet quality men who are commitment-minded, contact our dating specialists here at Los Angeles Singles and let us introduce you to men who are ready to settle down.