Why Men Lie by the Best Matchmakers in Los Angeles

Most men are very predictable.  If your man has been lying to you, there has to be a reason behind it.  However, lies are never acceptable.  A lie is like putting a nail in the coffin.  As the best matchmakers in Los Angeles, we know it will cripple the relationship and make you lose all trust in him.

The key to forgiving him truly lies in understanding why he’s lying to begin with.  Why he didn’t just come out and tell you the truth?  Of course you want your guy to be honest with you, but can you handle hard truths?  When your man tells you something you don’t want to hear, do you lash out or get overly emotional?  If you make it hard for him to tell you the truth, then he is lying to escape punishment or to avoid hurting your feelings.  In order for him to tell the truth, you need to create a win-win situation and let him know you can handle it.

Why Is Your Man Lying?

While every man lies for different reasons, there are a few common reasons why men lie to their partners.  Often times, there is an underlying issue.  If you can figure out what that is, you will be able to understand why he is lying to you.  As the best matchmakers in Los Angeles, we’re going to teach you why men lie and what you can do about it.

  1. He’s afraid to be honest with you.

If your man knows that you get angry or yell at him every time he hangs out with the guys, then he’s going to lie to you the next time he wants to catch up with his buds.  If you constantly get angry when he hangs out with his friends, you’re making him scared to tell you, like he has no other option but to lie.  After all, his friends were there before you and mean a lot to him.

Men need time to unwind and hang out with their closest friends.  And if you prevent your man from doing this, you’re creating a scenario that forces him to lie.  As the best matchmakers in Los Angeles, we encourage you to give your boyfriend or husband time to hang out with his friends.  As long as they’re not doing anything bad, there is nothing wrong with guy time.

  1. He’s doing something you frown upon.

No woman wants to hear that her man is hanging at a lounge known for hosting beautiful women or attending a wild bachelor party.  We get it.  But these occasions do happen.  If you are in a long-term relationship, you’re bound to come across an occasion like this once or twice. 

If his best friend is getting married, he’ll undoubtedly be hitting the town for his bachelor party.  No one is saying your man is going to cheat on you, but he is going to attend this event to support his best friend.  Instead of telling you the truth and having you get angry or upset, he may feel the need to lie to avoid another argument.  If what he is doing is harmless and innocent, let it go.  Try to look at it from his perspective.  He wouldn’t be happy seeing you attend a bachelorette party with male strippers, right?  It goes both ways.

  1. He is embarrassed to tell you the truth.

Even if a man loves you unconditionally, he’s going to lie to you.  Some men lie because they’re embarrassed.  For example, some men might lie in the early stages of the relationship and say they earn more money than they really do. 

Every guy knows the importance of holding a steady job and earning a good salary, which puts a lot of pressure on them.  Men know that success is important to a woman, especially in the LA dating scene.  If your man is not that accomplished, he might have lied because he was embarrassed.  You just have to let him know you love and accept him for who he is, regardless. 

  1. He’s done something he thinks is shameful.

Although they don’t like to admit it, it’s no secret that men stare at beautiful women that walk by.  So maybe she flashed him a quick smile as she caught him looking her way.  Do you really think your man is going to come home and tell you that a beautiful woman on the street smiled at him?  Absolutely not.  Your man doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or get you worried over nothing. 

  1. He doesn’t want to hurt you.

How many times have you asked your man how you look in a pair of jeans and received a flattering response, even though you knew you didn’t look your greatest?  Don’t get upset about this one, ladies.  He’s not being deceitful here.  These little white lies are nothing to worry about, unless of course they’re happening on a daily basis.  If your man is lying to protect you, it’s because he loves you. 

What to Do about Your Man Lying

You never want to make rash assumptions or outright accuse him.  If you get confrontational with him, he’ll never tell you the truth.  Another thing you should never do is make him feel embarrassed.  Before you start yelling at him for lying, take a second and examine the situation.  Look at it from his perspective.  Ideally, you want a relationship that is open and honest.  But if he is lying to protect you, don’t get too angry with him.  

As the best matchmakers in Los Angeles, we want you to pick your battles wisely.  You must understand that not every little lie is worth fighting over.  Of course lying is wrong, but you should never make him feel the need to lie to you over things that are perfectly acceptable.  However, if your man is being deceitful and unfaithful, it’s time to kick him to the curb.  You deserve better than that, and we can help you find the loving relationship you deserve. 

If you’re ready to meet an honest and sincere man, it’s time to let the best matchmakers in Los Angeles step in and lend you an expert hand.  Let us introduce you to quality men who are compatible with you.  Let us introduce you to your perfect match.  Fill out the private questionnaire on our homepage to reserve your complimentary (no obligation) matchmaking consultation today.  It’s time to find the love you deserve!