7 Dating Habits Los Angeles Singles Must Bring Back

Times have changed, and so has dating.  Technology has had a great impact on social norms and chivalry.  Basically, everything has changed.

Regardless of the reason, dating isn’t like it used to be.  What can you do to bring back the good old days when men were chivalrous and swept women off their feet with romantic gestures?

We are convinced that men still have it in them to do those things their parents and grandparents used to do.  Men can still be romantic and chivalrous and win a woman over. 

Although they say that chivalry is dead, here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we don’t think it is.  If you want to be successful with women in Los Angeles, you’re going to have to bring these old dating habits back.  It’s time to learn, adjust, and bring these techniques back into your dating life.  It’s time to bring old school dating habits back to the modern day LA dating scene.

1. Take Time to Plan a Good Date

One of the biggest complaints of single women in Los Angeles is that men today only invite them to hang out, not on actual dates.  If you want to be successful with women, you’re going to have to put in the efforts and plan a good date.  A well thought out date lets women know you’re actually interested in them, not just trying to score in the bedroom.

In today’s modern dating world, you’re probably talking to her via text or chat, so use that to prepare a good date.  Use all the conversations you have with her to figure out what she enjoys and plan an awesome date around those things.  Your time and efforts will be very much appreciated and make you stand out from the rest of the men she’s dated.

2. Open All Doors

Here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we’re firm believers in chivalry and have written countless articles about it.  Opening doors is one of the staples of being chivalrous.  It’s time to start opening car doors, restaurants doors, and letting her walk in front of you.  It only takes a few extra seconds to walk around the car and open the door for her, and it will win you a lot of points.  This is not something a lot of men in LA do, so you’re going to stand out.

The same goes for the restaurant door.  Women appreciate you letting them walk in first.  It really surprises us how many guys forget about this one.

3. Don’t Use Your Cell Phone

Another big mistake many men in LA make when out with a woman.  We just don’t get it.  It is very disrespectful to bring out your cell phone when you’re out on a date with a woman.

Don’t touch your cell phone, just leave it in your pocket.  If you’re expecting an emergency call, let her know from the beginning.  If you are constantly checking your phone, it’s going to tell her that she’s boring you or that you’re simply not interested in her.  Keeping your cell phone away is a sign of respect she’s going to notice.

4. Walk Her to Her Door

At the end of the date, especially if you want to score big points with her, you need to walk her safely to her house.  This is especially important here in LA.  This shows her that you’re putting in the efforts to protect her and that you’re looking out for her safety, two very important things to create trust in the relationship.  This is not something many men do, so you’ll surely set yourself apart from the competition.

5. Walk on the Outside of the Sidewalk

The purpose in this one is to show her that you’re willing to protect her in case a car was to derail from the road.  Not many men realize the importance of this one and endanger their dates by letting them walk on the outside of the sidewalk.  This is an effortless way to show her that you care and want her to be safe.

6. Pay the Bill

Come on, gentlemen, if you invited her out on a date, it’s your duty to pay the bill.  Yes, we live in a world where some women make more than men.  And although she can hold her own, if you invited her out, it’s your job to pay the bill.

7. Dress Appropriately

You might be thinking how can the way you dress be considered chivalrous, right?  Well, if you don’t dress appropriately, you’re not respecting yourself or the woman you’re out with.  The more efforts you put into your look, the more it shows you value and respect yourself.  The woman you’re out with will take notice how much effort you put into you appearance.

As a general rule of thumb, you always want to look dressy.  It doesn’t matter what other blogs tell you, you want to dress to impress.  Not convinced?  Have you ever noticed that all the men who are successful with women are well put together?  That’s because the way you dress says a lot about you.  You should always look good, no matter where you’re going.

Many men in Los Angeles have lost sight of how to be chivalrous.  Or maybe they never learned how to be a gentleman in the first place.  If you want to be successful with women, you need to be a gentleman.  And the only way to be a true gentleman is by being chivalrous.  It doesn’t matter how much dating changes, you will always set yourself apart from the competition if you practice chivalrous acts.

If you’re not having any luck in the LA dating scene on your own, contact our expert matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service and let us guide you on the path to romantic success.  Fill out the private survey on our homepage to reserve your no-obligation matchmaking consultation today.