Los Angeles Dating Service Unveils 9 Signs He’s a Keeper

It is very difficult for women to find quality men in Los Angeles.  And the older we get, the smaller the dating pool gets.  You might even feel like it’s completely evaporated.

But as a Los Angeles dating service with nearly 30 years in the business of love, we know there are still many quality men in Los Angeles, but they are becoming scarce.  Many women, though, don’t seem to be giving men the time of day.  Maybe it’s because of past experiences, but many modern women today won’t get men a break. 

Not every man is set out to break your heart, although some of them will.  As the leading Los Angeles dating service, we’re going to show you the signs you’ve found yourself a true gentleman; a man worth keeping.

1. He’s on a path to bettering himself.

A true gentleman will never be happy with mediocrity.  He will be on a mission to improve every aspect of his life.  Someone like this will understand that you have to work hard and he will support you along the way.

Don’t fall for men who are happy without a job or complacent being overweight, inactive, and unhealthy.  A true gentleman, and a keeper, will always be looking to better himself.

2. He lives a balanced life.

If a man is serious about you, he will make you one of his top priorities.  He will put in the efforts to see you and spend quality time together.  But that doesn’t mean other aspects of his life will suffer.  All aspects of his life will also be important to him; after all, you do not want to fall for a guy who makes you his everything and becomes obsessive and co-dependent down the road.

A true gentleman will lead a well-balanced life, meaning he will devote his time to things that are important to him: his work, friends, family, and obviously you.

3. He pays attention to you.

We hear it over and over again… Men just don’t pay attention or put the efforts into dating.  Men who don’t put in the efforts take their relationships for granted.

A true gentleman will always pay attention to you, to the things you say and don’t say.  And you’ll notice this in the things he does for you.  Does he always get it right?  Maybe not, but he surely tries.

4. He will support you and encourage you.

The right guy will want to see you do your best all the time.  He will encourage you, support you, and be by your side no matter what is going on.  He will never discourage you or make you feel like you can’t accomplish something.

The right man will never try to keep you down to lift himself up.  A quality man will never mind that you’re doing well in life, not even if you surpass him.

5. He’ll always be there to help you.

A true gentleman knows that you are a strong and independent woman who is capable of doing everything on her own.  You certainly don’t need him to help you, but that doesn’t mean he will stop offering his help.  Our Los Angeles dating service knows that a true gentleman will jump at the chance to help you.  Whether it’s helping you with a work presentation or running out in the middle of the night to get you cough medicine, he’ll always be there when you need him.

6. He’ll take pride in protecting you.

Whether you need him to protect you or not, a quality man will always do his best to make you feel safe and secure.  A man is biologically programmed to protect the women in his life.  A true gentleman will never leave your side in the case of a struggle.  Whether it’s standing up for you in an argument or fending off a mugger, he’ll always be there for you.

7. He keeps things fun and fresh.

The only thing more important than starting a good relationship is knowing how to maintain it.  Not many modern men know how to keep a relationship alive, but a true gentleman knows how.

Relationships work like a fire.  If you don’t put logs on the fire, the fire burns out.  You simply can’t expect the fire to burn forever if you’re not there to feed it.  Relationships require small acts to keep the blaze going; otherwise, the spark will fizzle out.  Complacency is a sure path to letting the relationship fade away, a path a true gentleman will never take.

8. He won’t become a doormat.

Some people don’t understand the difference between compromising and becoming a doormat, but they’re completely different.  As the leading Los Angeles dating service, we know that no woman out there respects or wants to date a man who gets walked on like a doormat.

What every woman wants is a man who stays true to his own identity, beliefs, and opinions.  No one said that you have to agree on everything.  A man needs to stand by his views and beliefs, even if you don’t agree with them.  He will, however, understand that you can disagree with someone and still love them.

9. He is open and honest.

There is a lot of flakiness in the Los Angeles dating scene.  People are very distracted today and have a difficult time sticking to their word.  But a true gentleman will never compromise his word.  If he says he is going to do something with you, he’ll stick to his word and always back them up with actions.  If you are dating a man who keeps his promises, then he is a keeper.

True gentlemen still exist.  And although they are very rare today, they are not extinct.  In fact, as the leading Los Angeles dating service, we work with a large database of true gentlemen who are relationship-ready and looking for real love.  If you are ready to start meeting quality men in Los Angeles, let our Los Angeles dating service make the introduction today.  Simply fill out the private form on our homepage to reserve your no-obligation, complimentary matchmaking consultation today!