Los Angeles Elite Matchmaking Secrets to Strong Relationships

It seems like healthy and happy couples are rare in today’s dating scene.  But just because they’re rare doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  In fact, here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we are responsible for many of the strongest relationships in LA, so we know firsthand that they do exist.

Often times, we look at our parents and grandparents and see their relationships as strong.  However, achieving that level of strength did not come by accident.  They devoted a lot to their relationships.  They put in the time and efforts to make it what it is today.  Do you want to have a strong relationship?  Today, we’ll release Los Angeles elite matchmaking secrets to the strongest relationships out there.

1. Arguments happen but must be handled properly.

Strong couples understand that disagreements and arguments are going to happen.  However, they know they need to handle them appropriately.  Just because a lightbulb goes out in your house doesn’t mean you need to sell your house, right?  Of course not, you simply need to fix the lightbulb so it can start shining again, and the same rule applies to your relationship.  Just because you have arguments doesn’t mean your relationship is over; however, you do need to know how to solve the issues properly.  You are going to disagree with your partner on certain things, but the key is to figure out how to compromise without fighting all the time.

2. You need to let them know how much you love them.

If you love your partner with all your heart, don’t just assume that because the two of you have been together for years they automatically know.  Make sure that he or she knows it.  Your partner needs to hear those magical “I love you” words often.  Speaking up and letting them know will help eliminate any type of insecurities or doubts they might have and create a solid bond.

3. Your family is their family and vice versa.

Family is very important to any relationship.  If you don’t believe this, just imagine the tension you would have if your partner hated your family or your family hated your partner.  While it’s unrealistic to expect them to love every member of your family, or them to expect you to love every one of theirs, there should be constant efforts on all sides to get along.

Los Angeles elite matchmaking tip: Let the small things slide!

4. Keep your private life private.

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes of scrolling down on your Facebook wall to spot one of those annoying people who can’t keep their relationship private and feels the need to post everything online.  When you invite people into your relationship, your relationship is no longer a private relationship and things are no longer sacred between you and your partner.

Sure, you can share the fun times with your friends and family, but never post anything negative about your relationship because it will draw the wrong type of attention and breach the trust with your partner.

5. Don’t let the fun die down.

One of the top Los Angeles elite matchmaking secrets to maintaining a strong relationship is to never let things get stale.  If you are in a long-term relationship, it’s natural to get into a routine.  After all, you already won them over and think there is no need to impress them, right?  Wrong, you need to continue the fun and spontaneous things to keep the fire burning.  Plan date nights, get in the car and head to the nearest town for a weekend getaway, surprise him with tickets to an upcoming football game, or show up to her work with a beautiful bouquet of roses.  No one wants to be in a relationship that is mundane.

6. Be punctual with your partner.

Just because you already won your partner over doesn’t mean you should treat them with disrespect.  If you told your partner you would pick them up at 7, then you need to be there at 7.  If you’re going to a party or an event together, do your best to be ready on time.  Treat your partner with the same respect you did when you first started dating.

7. Pick up the slack when your partner is stressed.

Life can get busy and stressed at times.  If your partner is too overwhelmed with life, it’s your duty as their partner to pick up the slack.  Whether it’s doing the laundry, grabbing the groceries, cleaning the house, or taking Fido out for his walk, make sure you help your partner with whatever they need—and do it without them having to ask you.

If your significant other is the one who usually does the house chores and you notice they are overwhelmed lately, step in and lend a hand.  That is your job as a partner.

8. Take care of them when they’re sick.

Nobody likes getting sick, but it happens to everyone.  When you are in a relationship with someone, you need to be there for them.  You need to be there through thick and thin, which means stepping in and taking care of them when they’re under the weather.  If you have plans with your friends, cancel them.  If you planned to work longer that day, don’t.  Do whatever it takes to make your partner feel special and let them know you’ll be by their side to take care of them.

Don’t get an attitude about helping them out or make them feel like they’re a burden on you.  If you’re going to grow old together, they need to know that you are willing to take care of them when they can’t take care of themselves.  And they need to do the same for you.

9. Don’t forget the little things.

If you make a trip to the grocery store, don’t just get yourself a candy bar.  Make sure you grab one for your partner as well.  If you’re out walking and notice a flower stand, grab your partner a pretty bouquet of tulips.  The smallest things you do for your partner are always the things that matter the most, especially when they are random and unexpected.  You don’t need a special day or occasion to do something nice for your partner.  You should do little things all the time just because you love them.

Now that you know the Los Angeles elite matchmaking secrets to a happy and strong relationship, what are you waiting for?  You don’t have to let the honeymoon phase fade away.  It’s your job to continue it forever, just like the strongest couples out there do.

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