Matchmakers Reveal the Best Single Men in Los Angeles to Date

You’ve been single for many months now and are quite frankly tired of it.  Now you’re ready to venture out into the LA dating scene.  You have told your friends and family to keep you in mind if they see someone they think would be good for you.  You have started to check out cute guys at work and are now making more contact with singles on the street.  But who is the ideal man for you? 

Finding the perfect man is very difficult, especially for a woman who’s been out of the dating scene for a while.  Getting back on the horse, so to speak, is very challenging.  You want to date someone who is completely different from your ex, but not so different; after all, you do like some of his qualities.  You have a list of attributes and qualities you desire in a man, but you want to keep your options open at the same time.

Well, today is your lucky day.  As the top matchmakers in Los Angeles, we’re here to tell you that you have many options when it comes to finding single men in Los Angeles, and you will find one who is ideal for you.  Forget Mr. Right Now, it’s time to find Mr. Right.  Today, our expert matchmakers are going to show you the type of single men in Los Angeles you need to be looking for if you want a happy and long-lasting relationship.

1. An Adventurous Man

Adventure seekers make for great boyfriends because they are always down to do something fun because you’ll always be doing something new.  An adventurous man will take you to the newest restaurant with exotic dishes or maybe he’ll scoop you up after work to take you out salsa dancing.  He will always be thinking outside the box and including you in those adventures.

An adventurous guy will help you change as a person and open your eyes to new experiences.  He will always bring you out of your comfort zone, and nothing can beat that.  As matchmakers, we know that a relationship with an adventurous man will prevent your relationship from getting stagnant.  When you date a guy like this, even if the restaurant you go to is closed, there is always coffee around the corner.

2. A Man with Different Interests Than You

If everything you have tried thus far hasn’t worked for you, then it’s time to try something different.  Dating a man who is a little different than you might sound like a disaster, but it can be a good thing.  Of course this isn’t to say you should date your complete opposite, because that would not work.  However, there is nothing wrong with finding a man who enjoys different things than you.  You might be into jazz while he’s into rock or perhaps he’s an outdoorsy guy while you like to stay in.  These differences will open your eyes and make the relationship exciting.  As long as you have similar values and goals in life, you can have a few differences and still have a healthy relationship.

3. A Man with Shared Interests

They say that opposites attract, but that’s only true in the movies.  As professional matchmakers, we know nothing can keep a relationship together like having similar interests.  If you love sports, then a man who also loves sports will be ideal.  Being with someone whose interests align is not only convenient, but it will make your relationship more exciting.  Why?  Because you’ll always have someone to do all your favorite things with.  You can go running together, swap books, and let’s face it, you’ll never argue over what to watch on TV at night.

4. An Older Man

When it comes to single men in Los Angeles, there is a group that is mature and ready for love, and many of them are older men.  Not only will he have a steady job, his own place, and his own life goals, but he has passed the immaturities many single men in Los Angeles have today.  An older man doesn’t play dating games because he is serious about finding love.  He won’t get jealous over little things, nor will he become too clingy.  He won’t freak out over meeting your parents and will not waste your time because he knows how valuable it is.  Older men are very sought-after in LA because they are very emotionally mature.  When you date an older man, you’ll be happy to have a guy with experience in life and in relationships.  He will be confident, mature, and stable.  What else can you ask for in a guy?

5. A Successful Man

Many women in Los Angeles dream about dating a successful man with a three piece business suit.  While businessmen have a reputation for being cutthroat and competitive, they also make for great partners because they’re driven and motivated in life.  So how do we know this?  Because as the top matchmakers in Los Angeles, we work with bankers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and prestigious men who are ready for serious relationships.  If you want to date a man who is successful, then you need to be successful and independent yourself.  Dating someone who is career-driven might mean being okay with him spending a few nights a week at the office or bringing his work home with him, but the payoff is incredible.

Successful men want a woman who can relax and de-stress with them after a tough week at work.  Plus, there is something alluring about dating a man who is focused and ambitious.  A successful man will encourage and support you to accomplish your own goals and dreams, too.

6. A Man You Meet with Our Matchmakers

You tried swiping right many times, but nothing has worked.  You agreed to go out with the guys your mom set you up with, but they were all disasters.  You even gave the IT guy at work a chance, but that didn’t work out either.  Now you’re wondering where you can meet quality single men in Los Angeles.  It’s simple, an old-fashioned way of dating called matchmaking.

We get it, we’re in 2016, so why use something so old-fashioned?  Because it works and it’s perfect for people who are busy and tired of wasting time meeting people who aren’t ready to settle down.

If you are ready to meet quality single men in Los Angeles, then it’s time to contact our matchmakers today.  To schedule a 90 minute complimentary consultation, fill out the private survey on our homepage and discover the best way to meet quality single men in Los Angeles today!