Los Angeles Matchmaking Secrets to Stay Optimistic in Dating

Does it seem like there’s nothing but happy couples everywhere you turn?  Does it feel like every great guy you meet is already in a relationship?  Ugh.  We know how it feels.  You probably wish you were already settled down with the man of your dreams.  Being the only one in the room who is not coupled up sure does make you feel lonely, and it’s easy to get discouraged if you’re constantly meeting great men who are already taken.  So what’s a girl to do?

Finding quality single men in Los Angeles is challenging, and it does take time, but you’ll never find a good guy if you don’t have the right mindset about love and dating.  As the leading Los Angeles matchmaking service, we’re here to teach you how to remain positive while searching for Mr. Right.

1. Stop Being Jealous

Instead of being jealous of every happy couple you see walking around, look at their relationship as proof that real love does exist.  Tell yourself that you will find a great relationship just like theirs someday.  Think back to the days when your friends were single and wished they had a partner.  How many of those friends are now in great relationships and happy they finally found the one?  This is proof that there are quality single men in Los Angeles… Believe us, they do still exist.  If you want to speed up the process, let our expert matchmakers do the hard work of finding compatible matches for you.

2. Be the Person You Want to Meet

For every single woman in LA wondering where the good guys are, there is a single guy wondering where the great women are too.  You will be more successful in the dating world when you become the best person you can be.  Our Los Angeles matchmaking experts want you to work on yourself and become ambitious, generous, and kindhearted.  Maybe you haven’t noticed Mr. Right yet but when you start improving yourself and letting the world see your wonderful qualities, you better believe that he will notice you.

3. Expand Your Horizons

Sometimes all your dating life needs is a little change of scenery and some new social connections.  You can’t expect to meet Mr. Right doing the same things you’ve been doing for the last few years.  It’s time to pick up a new hobby, get out of your house and attend local fairs and festivals on the weekends, and grab a few good friends to go out and check out new spots around town.

Already doing those things?  Then start switching up the locations and times of your normal routines.  You’ll be surprised how simply changing your routines up a little will put you on the path to new people, including good guys who share your interests.

4. Avoid Hanging Out with Negative Women

It can be comforting to hang out with Tori, the man-hater, who is just as single as you are.  But as professional matchmakers, we encourage you not to hang out with negative women who do nothing but complain about men every time they’re out.  The nonstop man bashing is going to leave you with a sour taste about dating and maybe even make you give up on love altogether.

It is very hard to remain positive about dating when you see nothing but happy couples everywhere you turn, but it’s even harder when you hang out with negative women who do nothing but complain and add fuel to your fire.

5. Take It One Day at a Time

When you’re struggling as a single woman, it’s hard not to feel like you’re wasting your time in the dating scene.  What about all those dating goals you had, like getting married by 30 and having children by 35?  We know that time is ticking, but try to push those thoughts away.  Remember to focus on everything you already have instead of all those things you wish you had.  In the meantime, set attainable goals and work hard to achieve them.  Even small goals, like smiling at more people on the streets, or striking up conversation on a daily basis, are great ways to boost your confidence and morale.

6. Don’t Obsess Over One Man

While it might be comforting to know that the handsome guy you had your eye on for a while might soon be single, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.  Don’t focus on a specific man because you will not notice all the other great men around you.  In other words, don’t obsess over one man and risk missing out on all the great things life already has in store for you.

7. Change Your Outlook on Dating

Reflect on any negative thought that comes into your head, such as, “I’ll never find love,” or, “There has to be something wrong with me.”  Neither of those things are true, so wipe them out of your head.  Immediately replace them with positive thoughts and you’ll soon become a positive woman and successful dater.

8. Don’t Judge

When you’ve been single for a while, it’s easy to judge every man you see and starting wondering what’s so wrong with him that he’s still single at this age.  However, our Los Angeles matchmaking experts want you to push those thoughts away.  He could have been in a relationship that just ended, so don’t judge so quickly.  Just like negative thoughts about yourself, try to let go of those negative expectations of men.

9. It’s Never Too Late to Find Love

The truth is, being single can actually be an advantage for you.  You can utilize this time to work on yourself and become the best version you can be.  You can get in shape, hang out with friends, advance your career, and even volunteer.  You are working on your life to become the best person you can be, and so is your future partner.  The day the two of you meet, you’ll be perfect for each other.

Did you know that people can find love at any age?  Don’t worry if you have been single for a while.  Here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, our expert matchmakers introduce compatible singles on a daily basis.  We know love is possible for you too, so let us help you find it.

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