Los Angeles Matchmakers | How to Enjoy the Holidays Alone

Whether you’re going to be spending the holidays alone because you can’t find a partner or because your family lives far away, we know the idea of spending the holidays alone can be very sad and dreadful.  After all, this is the time you’re supposed to be with the people you love the most, not sitting at home all alone.  But don’t worry, as the leading Los Angeles matchmakers, we’ve dealt with this situation many times.  Today, we’re going to show you how to embrace the season and make the best out of the holidays alone.  After reading this article, you’ll feel refreshed.  You might even be looking forward to the festive holiday season after reading this expert advice.

The holidays no longer have to be disheartening, even if you’re single, and they won’t be if you follow this expert advice from our upscale Los Angeles matchmakers.

1. Head to Warmer Weather

You don’t have to spend a brutal winter all on your own.  Many travel agencies offer great packages during the holiday season, which you should take advantage of this year.  Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t explore the world and enjoy some sizzling sun on your skin.  You can even ask a friend to join you on your exotic destination.

But you don’t have to travel far if you don’t want to.  You can also head to a mountain resort or ski lodge and enjoy the snow during the magical holiday season.  It really doesn’t matter the place you choose, because we know you’re going to have the best time as you meet new people, explore new cuisines, and take in the beauty of a new location.

2. Surround Yourself with Things You Love

Just because you’re going to be single for the holidays doesn’t mean you have to be miserable.  You can surround yourself with all the things you’re used to during the holiday season, even if you’re alone.

For instance, if you always watched Home Alone, who is stopping you from watching it this year?  If there is a dish you never went a year without, then what is stopping you from making it?  Having things around that remind you of your cherished memories can help you feel like you’re not alone.

3. Start Your New Tradition

If spending time thinking about the old times make you feel sad, then why not start creating new traditions of your own?  This is a great way to put a smile on your face during this lonely time.  Think about something you want to do this year and every year thereafter so you can start looking forward to the holiday season instead of dreading it.  Be creative.  The sky is the limit.  You can do anything you want.

4. Connect with Others in the Same Boat

Believe us when we tell you this: you’re not the only person who is going to be alone this holiday.  Why not reach out to friends and family members who are also going to be spending it alone?  Get together with your single friends or see what holiday events are taking place for singles in your area.  Don’t hibernate at home but rather get out and do new things.

5. Try Something New

One of the best ways to keep yourself occupied from thinking about your single status is by trying something new.  It will take all your focus because what you’re doing is unfamiliar.  Plus, doing something you have never done before will expand your horizons and put you on the path of new singles in Los Angeles.  Search your newspaper or go online to see what activities and events are taking place in your area.  Pick one that catches your interest and go.

6. Skype with a Friend or Family Member

If you’re going to spend the holidays alone, it doesn’t mean you have to be all alone.  You can instantly connect with friends and family through Skype and talk until their ears fall off.  This is a great way to lift your spirits and catch up with loved ones for the holiday.  Spread the holiday cheer and love with all those who are near and dear to you.

7. Do the Things You’ve Been Dying to Do

We’re sure that you have many things on your to-do list, and what better time to get them done than right now?  Use your holiday time to do the things you need to do and keep yourself occupied from thinking about your single status. Already tackled everything on your to-do list?  Then come up with different projects and things you would like to complete.  This way, you start the new year ahead of the game.

8. Enjoy Your Hobbies

Some hobbies require peace and quiet, and there is no better time to do those than during the holiday season.  Do you love reading or yoga?  If so, get to it.  Curl up with a good book and get lost as you escape into someone else’s world.  Grab your yoga mat and practice those hard-to-master yoga positions you’ve been neglecting.  Find a hobby you enjoy doing and get to it.

9. Use This Time to Reflect

In today’s fast-paced world, we’re so busy running around that we forget to take time for ourselves to reflect on our lives.  While everyone is attending family get togethers and holiday parties, you can use this time to reflect.  It is a great opportunity to see where you are in life and how far you have come.  Give yourself a pat on the back for all your accomplishments in life.

10. Catch Up on Your Beauty Rest

Continuing with the bullet point above, you probably lead a hectic life with a demanding schedule.  Now that the holidays are here and you have some extra time, utilize it to get some much-needed rest.  Sleep in and take as many naps as you want.  Give your body time to relax and heal from everyday stress.

Spending the holidays alone doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  Being single for the holidays means you have extra time for yourself, like catching up on your favorite books, getting more rest, or practicing your favorite hobbies.  It is up to you to make the best out of your holiday season.

If you’re single for the holidays and ready to change your relationship status, contact our upscale Los Angeles matchmakers and let us work our holiday love magic!  Fill out the private form on our homepage to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation today!