Elite Matchmakers in Los Angeles Reveal Why You’re Single

Some women are single because they choose to be.  They feel complete with themselves, are very independent and satisfied with their life.  But there’s another type of woman, and for this type of woman, being single is an everyday challenge.  These women feel lonely and unfulfilled without love.  The ironic part is that the harder they try, the more difficult it is to find a relationship.

These women are single today because of their own actions.  As elite matchmakers in Los Angeles with nearly 30 years of helping local singles meet their ideal match, we know that finding love in LA isn’t easy.  But if you’re guilty of the following things our matchmakers reveal below, it will make it even harder—or impossible.

Many women in Los Angeles make the same mistake over and over again because they’re so desperate to be in a relationship, while others fool themselves with comforting thoughts that Mr. Right just hasn’t come along yet.

However, there’s yet a third group.  This group digs for other reasons as to why they can’t find love, and they are inclined to believe that maybe there is something wrong with them.  The truth is, no matter how successful, smart, and beautiful you are, if you do the things below, you’ll be single for a very long time.

Today, the most elite matchmakers in Los Angeles will uncover the truth as to why you’re still single and can’t find love in LA.  If any of these hit home, it’s time to change your ways so you can finally find the love you desire and deserve.

1. You make it too easy for men.

Did you know that men aren’t attracted to easy women?  Of course, you already know there are some men who are, but that’s not the type of man you want to be with.  Quality men, on the other hand, prefer a woman who is a challenge.  After all, men are hunters and crave the chase.

To men, the whole dating thing is a hunting game.  They don’t want their prey to be thrown at them.  The more challenging you make it for men, the more interested they’ll be.  You need to have respect for yourself and make men know you’re worth because that’s exactly what men desire in a woman.

So even though you’re desperately searching for love, you never want to make it look that way.  Learn to be patient and have respect for yourself.  Be elusive and have an air of mystery about you because that is what will make you a catch.

2. You pay for the bill all the time.

This one is so wrong, ladies.  Of course we’re living in the 21st century with gender equality.  Women today aren’t stay at home moms—they go to college, work in successful businesses, and earn a great living.  But no matter what year we live in, you shouldn’t pay for the bill every time you go out on a date.

Even if you earn a good salary and want to show off, resist the urge.  Instead, let him pay for the bill, especially if he is the one who asked you out.  Remember how we said that men like to do the chasing?  Well, that’s because they like to feel like they’re in control.  Go ahead and let him pick up the tab because this will make him feel like a gentleman.

3. You text him too much.

Men enjoy talking to their woman, especially during the early stages of the relationship.  What they don’t like, on the other hand, is being texted many times throughout the day for absolutely no reason.  If this is something you’re guilty of, stop right now! This prevents you from getting into a relationship.

No man wants to be bombarded with pointless text messages, especially when he is busy at work.  Keep the comments about your rude Uber driver and the poor service at Starbucks for your best friends.  You don’t want to come across as someone who is whiney, clingy, and needy.  He doesn’t want to clock out after a 14 hour day at the office only to be bombarded with 20 unread messages.  Put the phone down!

4. You don’t put yourself out there.

Most single women in Los Angeles will agree that they can’t find love by sitting idle, yet many of them keep themselves locked up at home on the weekends.  It’s understandable to feel frustrated that nothing seems to work in the LA dating scene, but how can you improve your chances of finding love if you never put yourself out there?

It’s tough to remain positive when all your meeting is players, ghosters, and losers, and it might feel like Mr. Right is nowhere to be found.  The good news for you is that he is out there, and you will find him, but you must put yourself out there.  The new year is here, so why not take a proactive approach in your dating life?  DO IT!  Hire our professional matchmakers to help you with your search.

5. You can’t stop thinking about your ex.

Our matchmakers know that this is perhaps the biggest obstacle standing between you and a new relationship, and it will be one of the hardest to overcome.  Holding on to your ex will prevent you from moving on with your life.  No man wants to be compared to Mr. Ex.

Dating someone who constantly thinks about their ex can make for a very painful experience.  Don’t let the leftovers from your previous relationship prevent you from finding someone new.  As the most elite matchmakers in Los Angeles, we know that unless you let go of the burden of your emotional baggage, you’ll never land a new relationship.  So if you really want to find love now, cut the cord today.

You need to let go of the burden of your previous relationship before you can allow yourself to start a new one.

How many of these hit home?  Are you single and looking for love in LA?  Contact the most elite matchmakers in Los Angeles and let us help you find your Mr. Right.  Fill out the private form on our homepage to reserve your complimentary, one-on-one 90 minute matchmaking consultation with our expert matchmakers today!