Worst 1st Date Turn Offs for Affluent Single Men in Los Angeles

First date jitters are very common in the LA dating scene, and they happen to everyone.  As the leading matchmaking service in Los Angeles, we know all those anxieties—what to wear, how to greet them, what to talk about, and what to avoid—can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced daters.

So how do you know if you’re going to land a second date with him?  Well, first, you have to know what affluent single men in Los Angeles are looking for in a woman, which also means knowing what they’re not looking for.  Relationship-minded men have major turn offs, especially when they’re looking for a meaningful relationship.  Arriving late, being disrespectful, getting intoxicated, not acting like a classy lady, and talking about your ex are just a few of the red flags, but there are a few more you need to know.  Today, our Los Angeles matchmakers are going to show you the worst turn offs for affluent single men in Los Angeles.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1. Having Bad Manners

Do you chew with your mouth open?  Do you burp at the table?  Do you belittle the wait staff?  Do you drink or curse like a sailor?  Then you’re turning men off.  The way you behave says a lot about you, and if you’re behaving like one of the guys, you’re not making a good first impression on him.

How you act in public places and the way you treat others says a lot about you.  And we’re pointing the finger here, because this rule applies to men and women.  When you’re rude to those who are doing their job, it doesn’t look good on you.  Remember to bring your manners and respect everywhere you go, especially on dates.

2. Excessively Talking & Bragging

When you’re on a first date, it’s supposed to be a shared time to talk and get to know one another.  Of course you want to show him all your accomplishments so he can see what a great catch you are, but excessive talking and bragging is a huge turn off for affluent single men in Los Angeles.  Rambling on like you’re giving a prospective employee your CV is going to make you look insecure.

All that self-promotion can end up backfiring on you.  After all, the first date isn’t all about you; it’s about the both of you.  When you are too busy sharing your accomplishments, you’re not listening to his, which can make for one boring (one-sided) date.  If you want to increase your chances with this guy, then remember to make the date a two-way street.

3. Talking About Your Ex

As professional matchmakers, we work with affluent single men in Los Angeles every day, and one thing they always tell us is how bad they hate it when a woman discusses her ex.  If you are on a first date with someone new and you’re talking about your ex, you’re sending him red flags that you’re not over your ex.

If you’re discussing your ex on a date, you’re letting him know you’re already making comparisons.  And what do we know about men?  They hate to be compared!  It doesn’t matter if you’re putting your ex down or talking him up, leave him out of your first date conversation.

4. Not Talking at All

Conversation requires two people for it to be successful.  If you are on a date with a guy, make sure you know how to properly talk to him.  Maybe mid-date you realize that you have nothing to talk about, or that you’re not clicking with him, so now you’re waiting for the perfect time to leave.  But it doesn’t matter if you hit it off with him or not, you’re still on a date and need to do whatever it takes to keep the conversation going.

If you notice that the conversation is dying down, make sure you ask questions and share things about yourself.  To keep it going, make sure you answer his questions with more than a yes or no answer.  Awkward silences happen to even the best daters in LA, so don’t let it get to you.  If there aren’t any sparks, you at least gave it a try, and for that we applaud you.

5. Being Glued to the Phone

Is your phone an extension to your hand?  Hey, you’re not alone—everyone in LA seems to be glued to their phone.  But if you want to be successful with men, make sure your phone is put away on your first date.  Whether you’re pausing the dinner conversation to take the perfect photo of your decadent meal or to respond to a friend in a crisis, being on your phone is a huge turn off for single men in Los Angeles.

As professional matchmakers, we’re here to tell you that if you bring your phone out on your date, you’re showing bad manners because you’re choosing your phone over him.  If you’re doing this on dates, this could be where you’re going wrong.

Maybe the restaurant served you an Instagram-worthy photo that you know will get hundreds of likes, but is that really what you should be worried about when there is an attractive man sitting across from you?  We want you to give him your undivided attention throughout the date.  If you can’t resist getting on your phone, we suggest you play it safe and leave it in the car.

6. Always Complaining

The waiter is too slow.  The people next to you are too loud.  The food isn’t anything like it looked in pictures.  Whatever the issue, keep it to yourself.  If you can’t stop complaining, you’re going to turn men off.  How can you expect to have a good date if you can’t stop yourself from complaining all the time?

The whole idea of a first date is to put your best foot forward, not to complain the entire time.  Affluent single men in Los Angeles hate going out with a Negative Nancy, so make sure that’s not how you’re coming off on your dates.  Make sure you’re not finding fault in everything or nitpicking the smallest details.

As an upscale matchmaking agency in LA, we work with affluent single men in Los Angeles who are serious about finding love.  We know what they find attractive, as well as what turns them off.  We hope you can use these secrets to your advantage and find the love you’re looking for.

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