Beverly Hills Matchmakers | When to Say No to His 2nd Date

Are you looking for love in Beverly Hills?  Life is too short to spend dating men who are just wasting your time.  As professional matchmakers that help single women in Beverly Hills, we don’t want you to put your energy into someone you don’t see a future with.  You deserve to be happy, so you need to be wise when it comes to your dating life.

Imagine you’re a recruiter searching for the perfect candidate for the position, and that position being your husband.  You don’t want anyone to fill that position unless they have the requirements and characteristics you desire in a man, right?  That being said, you should never ignore red flags just because you’ve been single for a long time.  Our Beverly Hills matchmakers don’t want you to end up with someone just because.  Of course, finding compatible singles in Los Angeles is difficult today, but you will if you search hard enough.  Or you can simply join us here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service and let our matchmaking experts do the hard part of dating for you!

First dates can be nerve-wracking, but putting yourself in the shoes of a recruiter will make you feel more confident about the search and will eliminate any type of anxiety or stress you might feel.  He needs to impress you; after all, you are the recruiter, remember?  Otherwise, there is no point in going on a second date with him.  So get ready, as our Beverly Hills matchmakers show you the reasons why you should never agree to a second date with a guy.

1. He doesn’t contact for days.

There is absolutely no excuse for this.  We live in a world dominated by phones and social media.  Men love their phones just as much as women do and wouldn’t even step out of the house without them.

Ladies, if he did not contact you until several days after the date to let you know he had a good time, this guy needs kicked to the curb.  It means that he’s not really into you.  If he reaches out days later, he’s views you as an option.

You don’t want to date a man who doesn’t see you as a priority.  He should have contacted you within 24 hours to let you know that he enjoyed your company.  He should have been excited after the date and should have reached out to you.  Remember, if you don’t hear from him for several days, do not accept his invitation.

2. He shows up late.

The first date is the most crucial date you can go on.  As a woman, you should never be left waiting for a man.  If he shows up late, it’s a sign of immaturity.  Of course, sometimes we can get busy at work and get sidetracked, or he might have a valid reason for coming late.  Either way, as a gentleman, he should have let you know he was running late.  If he shows up a 20 minutes late and doesn’t give you a valid reason, keep it moving.

When a man can’t even keep up with his word and be punctual, it shows how disrespectful and immature he will be in the future.  You simply can’t rely on a man who can’t follow through with his word.  It is disrespectful and impolite.  If a man is running late, he should call you and give you a heads up.  And if he’s going to be really late, then he should reschedule the date.

3. He’s more into his phone than you.

If you’re having a first date with a man who is more into his phone than you, then you better tell him goodbye.  First of all, this is disrespectful.  You definitely don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who can’t peel his eyes away from his phone.  Why should you waste your precious time dating a man who is more involved with his phone than you?  It shows that he’s not interested in getting to know you.

His mind is anywhere but the date.  He might also be on his phone reading messages from other women.  Either way, if a man is on his phone and it isn’t an emergency call, tell him adios.  If he’s constantly checking his phone, do yourself a favor and next him.

4. He doesn’t make eye contact with you.

His eyes are all over the room, but not on you.  Eye contact is essential in creating a connection.  If he can’t make eye contact with you, it will make for a very uncomfortable date.  If he isn’t looking at you at all, why would you agree to go on a second date with him?  Eye contact is a sign of trust and intimacy, and it can play an important role in bonding and creating a special connection.

Having good eye contact is similar to having good manners.  It shows your date that you’re interested in them.  If you’re talking and his eyes are elsewhere, then he’s not paying attention to you.  For all you know, he could be checking out other women.

5. He’s a narcissist.

Was the whole first date all about him?  If he can’t stop talking about himself, get away from him now.  If the entire first date conversation revolved around his job, his life, his clothes, his cars, and everything about him, then he is self-involved.  If he didn’t ask you any questions to get to know you, it shows he’s not interested in having a girlfriend.  All he wants is to have a woman who listens to him.  On a first date, there should always be a lot of questions; after all, it is with questions that we get to know each other.

You don’t want to end up dating a man who is too into himself and doesn’t devote time to you.  He is already in love with someone, and that someone is himself.

If the guy you went out on a first date is guilty of the five bad date behaviors above, then you should not go on a second date with him.  You deserve to date a man who treats you right, someone who is respectful, polite, caring, and follows through with his word.

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