Los Angeles Matchmaking Secrets to Find Love in Love in LA


Everyone spends a lot of time looking for their perfect partner, that special someone who can fill their life with happiness and love.  A lot of people get lucky and meet their soul mate when they’re young, like in school or college.  But here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we know that a lot of people remain single into their 30s, 40s, and 50s and are still searching for their soul mate.  As professional matchmakers, we know there is a soul mate out there for everyone, and there’s a great chance that they’re just around the corner looking for you, too.

If you’re ready to find love in LA, we’re going to help you find your needle in the haystack.  So get ready as we reveal our Los Angeles matchmaking secrets to help you find the one you’re meant to be with for life.

1. Figure out What You Want in a Partner

If you want to find a soul mate, you’re going to have to figure out what you want first.  This is where you’re going to have to do a self-assessment of your relationship needs.  Figure out what you desire in a partner.  You might want a great wife with a kind heart or a husband who works a lot and provides for the family.  Or perhaps you want someone who is adventurous and ready to explore the world with you.  You need to make sure you know what you want in a partner and in a relationship so you know where to look for a partner to fill that role.

2. Take on New Hobbies

The thing is, if you don’t try anything new, you’re never going to have any chances of meeting new people.  Sure, your friends and family might set you up on dates every now and then, or you might meet people at the local bars, but if you really want to increase the chances of finding love in LA, then you’re going to have to add more hobbies to your life.

If you love photography, take a class.  If you like running, join a running group.  Who knows, you could meet the love of your life in your next class.  But if you don’t try anything and never step outside your comfort zone, you can guarantee that you won’t meet anyone new.  Increase your chances of finding love by taking on new hobbies.  As an added bonus, your soul mate will also like the same thing as you.

3. Get a Life

Yes, your dream husband or wife could come knocking at your door, but the odds of that happening are slim to none.  If you really want to find love in LA, you’re going to have to get off your rear and get out of your house.  Get more involved in social groups and live your life to the fullest (Netflix and ice-cream doesn’t count as living your life to the fullest).

If you’re looking for love in Los Angeles, you’re going to have to work on yourself a little and pursue your hobbies and dreams.  Learn to be interesting, kind and caring, and model yourself to be a person you admire.  Work hard on changing your character defects and always make improvements in your life.

4. Don’t Take Things Personally

Dating in Los Angeles means you’re going to have to deal with a lot of different people and scenarios, and you must realize that things might not always go the way you want them to go.  Remember that you can’t always control how other people behave.  Okay, you can’t ever control others.  But if you know that and understand that fully, then you won’t let it get to you.  You need to stop taking things personally when it comes to dating.

Yes, things are going to get annoying at times.  You will get ignored, ghosted, or whatever new terms are floating around this week.  You are going to get let down many times along the way, but never—not even for a single second—think that it has to do with you.  People in Los Angeles are basically strangers to you and don’t owe you anything.  Just be glad that they showed you their true colors early on so you can move on with grace.

5. Protect Your Heart

If you’re constantly falling for the wrong men and women, the ones that make you feel horrible about yourself, you’re pretty much never going to find your soul mate.  You need to protect your heart along the way if you want to find a soul mate, which means saying no to people who are rude to you.  Yes, it’s okay to turn people down every now and then, even if they are good looking.

Remember that good looks don’t matter in the end; only good people with good personalities do.  You can’t expect a happy ending if you keep giving the wrong people a chance, so listen to your heart when it tells you to move on.

6. Take Things Slowly

So you met a great person, congratulations to you.  But that doesn’t mean you need to move ultra-fast and get in a serious relationship right away.  That’s not the right approach to take in the LA dating scene.  If you take things slowly, you have a much higher chance of developing something meaningful, something long-lasting and healthy.

So no matter how eager you are to be in a relationship or to experience love, slow down a little.  Never rush anything, and no matter how excited you are, and no matter how well things are going, don’t rush anything.  Our Los Angeles matchmaking experts know you will never benefit from rushing in anything, dating included.

7. Look into a Professional Matchmaking Services in LA

You have heard of matchmaking services before, and if you’re looking for a soul mate, that’s the best way to go about finding love.  Our matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service can help you find love in LA in an easy and effective way.  If looking for love online scares you, if mobile dating apps have let you down, or if your friends and family just don’t get it, our Los Angeles matchmaking experts can introduce you to quality singles in LA who are also looking to settle down.

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