Los Angeles Matchmakers Want You to Say Yes to 2nd Dates

In today’s fast-paced dating scene, going on a second date if your first one wasn’t like the movies might sound ridiculous.  With the invention of mobile dating apps, social media, and online dating sites, meeting local singles has never been easier.  However, it’s getting harder to meet someone worthy of a second chance when there are so many other options around every corner.

With that being said, we want you to hear us out for a second.  As long as the person isn’t guilty of any deal breakers, you need to give them a second chance, even if you didn’t feel a connection on the first date.

Being too quick to dismiss someone because you didn’t feel butterflies in your stomach could cause you to miss out on a potentially great partner and an incredible relationship.  Let our Los Angeles matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service show you why you need to say yes to more second dates.

1. Maybe They Had a Bad Day

Your date might not come out and say it, but they might have had an awful day that affected their mood and caused them to act a bit different than usual.  Maybe their boss gave them a hard time at the office, maybe they got into an argument with a family member, or perhaps their kids got in trouble at school.  If something happened to your date, it’s obvious that it’s going to affect the way they act when they’re out with you.

You need to be understanding and realize that things happen at any given time.  For all we know, something could have happened to you that day, too, which made you snappy and quick to judge your date.  You or your date could have had the day from hell but were doing all you could to have a good time on the first date.

2. You Can’t Be Afraid

You probably turn down second dates because deep inside you’re afraid.  You’re afraid of getting close to someone new and getting your heart broken again.  You are afraid of having a bad evening or just never finding someone you’ll connect with.  But guess what?  You’re afraid for no reason at all.  You have zero reason to feel this way because if you had a good time on your first date, that’s plenty of reason to say yes to a second.  That doesn’t mean your second date is going to be a disaster.  It won’t be, and it’s crucial you believe that.

Two things are going to happen on your second date: you realize this person is great for you, or you realize that you’re not as compatible as you thought you might be.  It’s really not that difficult because if the first date was great, there is a high probability that the second date will be even better.

3. It’s Time to Try Something New

If you never go on second dates, it’s time to change that attitude right now and start saying yes to more second dates.  Sure, you might not always get one when you suggest it, and you might not want to see someone again.  But if there was a connection of some sort, you need to be open to the idea of a second date.  Honestly, nothing is going to happen.  You’re probably going to grab a bite to eat or a few drinks. You’ll drink and talk while getting to know each other a little bit better than you could do on your first date.

If you don’t make the connection you hope for, don’t worry, it’s not a big deal.  You can get back out there and give it another shot.  That’s the way dating works, and that’s the only way you’re ever going to find love in Los Angeles—plain & simple.

4. You’ll Learn More About Yourself

The best thing about dating is that with each date you go on teaches you more about yourself and what you desire in a partner.  You figure out that if you have too many drinks, it’s going to be a bad date.  You learn that maybe dinner isn’t the best date idea for you since you aren’t comfortable eating in front of strangers.  You realize that you don’t want to sit across from a stranger feeling awkward and would rather have an interactive date with less pressure.  You know what types of dates make you uncomfortable and can plan dates that are more relaxed instead.

It’s good to say yes to more second dates because with each date, you learn more and more about who you really are, and that’s what dating is all about.

5. You Can Be More Relaxed

If there is one thing we know about second dates it’s that they’re more relaxed than first dates.  Second dates are not as nerve-wracking and not as formal as the previous one, so why not take advantage of that and say yes to more second dates?

Now you have the perfect opportunity to do something low key, like grabbing a cup of coffee and going for a walk in the park.  Now you can check out a local fair, tour a museum, or go to an art exhibit in town.  The list of date ideas is endless since you already got over the hard part.  That’s right, now it’s time for the fun and relaxed dates that allow you to open up and get to know each other on a deeper level.

You can even go out on a Sunday afternoon so the date doesn’t feel as formal as the first one.  You can go walking around a farmers market or check out a local festival or street fair.  When you make the second date more casual and calm, you’re taking the stress away from your date and giving yourselves a better opportunity to know each other on a more personal level.

Do you want to go on a first date that leaves you looking forward to a second?  Let our Los Angeles matchmakers introduce you to compatible singles in Los Angeles who are also looking for love in an enjoyable and stress-free way.  Fill out the quick and easy survey at the top of the page to reserve your FREE (90 minute) consultation with the best Los Angeles matchmakers today!