Beverly Hills Matchmakers | 5 Signs He’s Only into Your Beauty

You’re drop-dead gorgeous (and you know it), but so does he.  Your looks are probably what drew him in and made him chase you in the first place.  But as Beverly Hills matchmakers with nearly 30 years of experience in the LA dating industry, we know it takes a lot more than looks and chemistry to keep a relationship alive.  Beyond your great looks, you’re smart, have quirky hobbies, have a great job, and are totally independent.  In short, you are the entire package.  You are an incredible woman any man would be grateful to have in his life.

But that’s just it, he doesn’t appreciate all the amazing things you are as a woman.  You have so much going on in life, but your guy is failing to recognize all those fabulous things.  It is unfortunate that a lot of beautiful women in LA have to go through this with men who don’t deserve them.  You know the type of guys we’re talking about here, the ones who only chase after you because you’re beautiful.

Today, our Beverly Hills matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles are going to show you the telltale signs he’s only after you because you’re beautiful.

1. He tells you what to wear.

His family is having a summer picnic Friday afternoon, so you put on a nice summery picnic outfit—shorts and a nice top.  It’s modest and tasteful to visit his family, but he’s not happy with your choice.  He goes into your closet and picks a dress instead.  But unlike the modest outfit you had on, this one is sexy and revealing—a little too revealing for a family picnic.

When your boyfriend starts telling you what to wear, you need to open your eyes.  He doesn’t care if you’re comfortable or not.  Nope, he only cares about showing you off, even if it’s to his family.  Do not allow him to do this.  If he takes it upon himself to pick out your clothing (and you didn’t ask for his help), he’s only dating you for your great looks.

2. He Compares You to Other Women

Every time the two of you hit the town, he’s checking out other women.  After he gives another woman a look, he turns around and tells you that you should change her hairstyle to something like hers or that you should get a dress or heels like hers.  He might even tell you that he likes a certain woman’s sense of style or point out that she has bigger breasts than you.  Whatever it is, he’s always comparing you to other women, which hurts a lot.

Any man that compares you to other women doesn’t deserve you.  He is doing it to hurt you and put you down.  He wants you to dress better and change your image.  He wants to have the most beautiful woman on his arm so everyone is jealous of him.

3. He doesn’t give you emotional support.

You just had the worst day of your life.  A coworker told your boss you came in late and got you in trouble.  On top of that, you had to deal with a rude customer.  You are having the worst day and just want to curl up in your bed with your boyfriend, have a good cry, and eat your favorite Ben & Jerry’s.

You pick up the phone to call him and let him know you had an awful day at work and would really love to see him.  You wait an hour, but he doesn’t show up.  A few more hours go by and still no word from him.  He is only there when you’re feeling good and want to go out and hit the town.

4. He likes it when other men check you out.

He called you as soon as you got out of work, asking you to shower and get all dolled up.  He wants you to look as sexy as a Hollywood movie star.  You are tired and hungry and just want to hang out on the sofa with Fluffy and watch your favorite show—not get ready for a glitzy evening on the town.  Well, you did an outstanding job pulling yourself together because he’s all smiles when he sees you.  You get in his car and off you go to a nearby lounge where all his friends and coworkers are hanging out.

When the two of you get there, he puts his arm around you like you’re arm candy and is deliberately showing you off to everyone in the place.  This might be okay every now and then, but if he’s doing it often, then he’s only dating you for your good looks.  Our Beverly Hills matchmakers know you deserve to be with a man who respects and adores you for everything you are, not someone who treats you like a real life trophy.  You are a woman who deserves to be treated with respect.  You secretly know that if you would have gone dressed down he never would have put his arm around you.

5. He ignores you if you’re not looking your best.

He texts you and tells you to meet up with him because his friends are having a get together.  His friends are having a big barbeque to kick off summer.  You haven’t had a grilled burger all year and can’t wait to get your hands on one.  Since you already know his friends and it’s just a smoky outdoor barbeque, you know you don’t have to get all done up… Who cares?  You go wearing a casual outfit and opt for a natural look.  But when you show up, you can tell he’s not happy.  He’s not happy because you’re not showing your body off.  He only wants you when you’re all dolled up and sexy.

It can be frustrating to date to men who are only after you for your looks when you have so much to offer in a relationship.  If after reading this blog you realize he is only after you for your beauty, you need to kick him to the curb and let our Beverly Hills matchmakers introduce you to quality men who will recognize and admire all your wonderful traits.

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