Why Online Dating in Los Angeles Will Never Lead to Love

You search everywhere in the Los Angeles dating scene for that special someone.  You dated all the way through your social circle of friends and a few of your coworkers too.  You’ve gone to speed dating events, singles meetups, and the hottest and trendiest bars in town—there is only one place left for you to look, the online dating world.  Now, ask anyone who has done it and they’ll tell you the nightmares.  As the best matchmakers in LA, we know that online dating in Los Angeles never leads to love.  Today, our expert matchmakers are going to show you why online dating is not only awkward and risky, but why it doesn’t work.

1. I’m sorry.  But who in the world are you?

The thing about online dating is that you never know who is sitting behind the computer or phone screen until you meet them in person.  Maybe you chat with someone and share a great conversation, or maybe you think their profile picture is very attractive.  The truth is, be wary until that first date because you never know who you’re really talking to online.  That perfect man or woman could just be putting on a show—or worse, maybe that 25-year-old model is actually a 47-year-old mother, and that 35-year-old bartender is actually a 65-year-old man with a big pot belly.  But beyond looks and age discrepancies, there are far worse things they could be hiding.

2. Photos can lie.

Everyone has that picture perfect moment in their life, a time they look and feel stunning and want to savor the moment forever.  And guess what?  You can bet your every dollar that’s the photo they’re going to use as their online dating profile picture.  After all, they do say you need to put your best foot forward.

But what if that picture was taken two, three, or even five years ago?  What is that beautiful picture that drew you in doesn’t resemble them one bit now? What if they’re now bald, overweight, and completely different than they led you to believe?  That’s a risk online daters deal with every day.

3. Filters are known for lying too.

Along the same lines as photos lying, filters do too.  Filters can make a horrendous photo look incredible, which is why Instagram is ultra-popular today.  A lot of online dating profiles are connected to Instagram, so chances are their photos are enhanced.  It’s no secret that everyone doctors up their pictures a little bit; after all, everyone relies on filters to enhance their photos and hide their flaws.

4. Looks rule everything online.

It’s sad but true.  In the online dating world, looks are everything.  Beautiful people seem to have all the luck in the internet dating world, but what about creating a meaningful connection and having a deep conversation with someone.  No, that doesn’t exist online.  This isn’t to say that only beautiful people get dates, but it does increase their chances online.

5. There are creeps around every corner.

On every online dating site, whether it’s casual dating or just chatting, you’ll encounter many creeps—the best of the best so to speak.  You’ll come across men who have no problem sending you nude pictures or saying vulgar things in their introductions messages.  Maybe they think it’s going to turn you on, or maybe they just don’t really care.  Unfortunately, online dating sites allow them to hide behind a computer or phone and say and do whatever they want.  As much as you report them to the administrators, they’ll always come back around.

6. Ah, and back to those inappropriate photos.

If there is one thing about online dating sites women hate, it’s those unwanted and inappropriate photos men bombard them with every day.  Unluckily for you, there is nothing you can do about it, because even if you block them they’ll create another fake profile and come right back to it.

7. You’ll be invited to a lot of Netflix & chill dates.

Those who have dabbled in the world of online dating know exactly what we’re talking about here.  Chances are, you’ve received the extremely tempting offer of doing a Netflix & chill date.  You might’ve thought “Great, I love watching movies at home!”  But do you really know what you’re getting yourself into?  If you’re not familiar with the term “Netflix & chill,” we suggest you do a quick Google search to get your answer, because it’s not what you think.

It is an invitation to get together at one of your houses, put a movie on in the background, and get down to it… Yep, it’s merely an invitation to get busy.

8. You’ll become known online.

One of the worst things about online dating in Los Angeles is being labeled a serial dater.  If you’re looking for a meaningful relationship, this is the last thing you want to be labeled is a casual dater.  Maybe you go on a lot of dates at a local pub, so the people there will see you in and out all the time with new people.  If you’re a private person, this will be bad news for you.  It might be worth looking into other venues that offer a more private and discreet way of meeting local singles.  After all, can you really afford for your boss or clients to know you’re on an online dating site? Do you really want the whole town to see you parade in and out of local establishments with new people every week?

9. Online dating breeds stalking.

It’s happened many times before.  You meet someone you don’t like, so you turn them down politely.  You think they’re gone from your life, right?  Wrong, not when it comes to online dating.  They’ll track you down, create different accounts, and bombard you once again.  Even if you switch online dating sites, they’ll find out and hunt you own on there too.

Online dating in Los Angeles never leads to love.  But don’t worry because you have other options—safer, more convenient, and private—just the way you want to date.

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