Encino Matchmakers | 6 Types of Men You Meet at Bars in LA

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Nights out on the town at the bars in LA always provides fun and entertainment.  But what if you’re looking for real  love?  Can you find quality men at the bars and clubs?  You put a bunch of people from different backgrounds and throw them into a bar and you’re going to get some interesting characters, some of which stand out from others.

For example, you’re always going to run into that drunk guy who is spilling beer all over the place, or the Rico Suave making his way around the bar hitting on every woman in the place.

The people you meet at the bars is what makes going out so interesting, but as a woman, it also makes for some potential hazards depending on where you go, who you’re with, and how you handle the men who approach you.

If you think you’re going to find love at the bars in Los Angeles, think again.  Our Encino matchmakers have rounded up the most common type of guys you’ll meet at the bars and clubs in LA, and they’re not the type of men you want to take home to meet dad.  Really, if you see these men while you’re out on the town, realize they’re not relationship-worthy men.

1. The Guy in a Beer Marathon

This guy likely stumbled into the bar after drinking all day at a baseball game or some other afternoon sporting event.  He was probably drinking since early in the morning, which is the reason his face is burnt, his shirt is covered in mustard stains, and he smells like B.O.  Even after his team lost, this guy decided to keep the party going.  This guy is no stranger to the locals.  Oh, no, he does this every weekend and is a regular at the bars.

If he approaches you, most of his sentences won’t even make sense because he’s too drunk to say a word.  This guy might even be a little aggressive with his tone of voice and display pushy behaviors.  Like a giant adult teen, he never shuts up.

2. The Drunk Guy

Unlike the beer marathon guy we mentioned above, this guy has the endurance to keep going all night long.  He is probably double fisting a few drinks himself, checking out who’s in the room, and thinking of his strategy to make a move.  All his buddies are also drunk and obnoxiously loud.

He will probably approach you and tell you that you’re the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.  Yeah, know the type.  Guys like this flood the bars in LA.

3. The Meathead

The classic meathead is another guy you’ll meet at the bars and clubs in Los Angeles.  How do you spot him?  This guy is wearing a shirt that is three sizes too small for him, his hair is likely going to be shaved to the skin, and his biceps look bigger than your torso.  He won’t drink alcohol because he’s watching his figure and is likely drinking Red Bull or water.  But don’t be fooled, because that doesn’t stop him from being as obnoxious as the drunk guy above.

The most interesting thing about this guy is his physique.  And if he approaches you, get ready, because that’s all he’ll talk about.  If his meathead group of friends are the biggest guys at the bar, their night is a total success.  He’ll then turn around and show off his big arms and try to use his testosterone to impress you.  This guy might even start a fight just to show off.  All that Red Bull he’s been pounding might not mix well with his steroid use and could cause him to blow through the roof.

4. The Guy Who’s Buying Everyone Drinks

This guy probably comes from money, or at least that’s what he wants everyone to think.  He is most likely standing by the bar wearing a nice blazer with a shiny watch that commands attention.  He keeps the tab open all night long and offers every girl in the bar free drinks.  This guy believes that buying a drink is the way to impress a woman.

He’s not alone, though, because he probably came with a posse of friends who all act just like him or are mooching off him.  This is the type of guy who wants people to think he’s rich.  He either came from money or made his money in some sort of superficial way.

5. The Player Type

You know the list wouldn’t be complete without the player.  You start talking to this guy who is attractive, charming, and funny.  Then something hits you and you realize he’s not just like this with you but everyone woman he comes across.  You get a feeling that his charming personality is what gets him lucky every night.  You know deep inside that he’s a regular in this bar.

Ladies, you know we couldn’t complete a list of bar guys without the infamous player, and we’re going to warn you to be cautious of him.  He might say and do the right things, but his ultimate goal is to hang out after the bar.  Hopefully you know what that means.  We know you’re not looking for a one night stand, so don’t settle for the player type at the bars.

6. The Approacher

This guy!  This is the type of guy who will approach every woman in the bar.  He isn’t drunk, though.  This guy just had a little bit to get him going.  He is probably wearing a flowered dress shirt and doesn’t fit in with anyone in the bar.  He scours the bar in search of women and quickly connects eyes with you.  He approaches you with some cheesy pickup line he read online, and as stupid as it sounds, it makes you laugh.  This guy isn’t attractive but certainly makes you laugh.  He doesn’t know what personal space means and gets a little too close for comfort.

But the good thing about this one is that you can spot him from a mile away and hopefully get out of there before he locks eyes with you and comes over for his awful approach.  Don’t worry, though, because this guy is harmless.

Ladies, are you tired of meeting players and duds at the bars in LA?  Don’t you want to meet relationship-minded men who are looking to settle down?  We know you do, and that’s the reason why you’re here today.

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