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The end of a relationship can be devastating whether you were the one who called it quits or the one who got dumped.  No matter how you slice it, the only way to get over a breakup is by giving it effort and time.  The breakup process requires multiple stages to be complete, including feeling depressed, emotional, angry, and resentful.

Some days will be tougher than others, but one day you’ll get up and your ex will be completely gone from your mind.  You’ll make it through a full day without thinking about him once.  So how do you know you’re over him and ready to move on?  Better yet, how do you know you’re not?  Let our Encino matchmakers here at LA Singles Dating Service show you the telltale signs you’re not over your ex-boyfriend just yet.

1. You Stay in Touch with His Family

Let’s be honest here: are you really that close to his mother and sister that you need to text them all the time? Are you just staying in contact with them to remain close to him?  In our opinion, this is a very unhealthy behavior.  When you cut ties with your ex, you must also cut ties with his family members.  By keeping in touch with his family, you’re ultimately staying in touch with him, which will make it very difficult for you to move on.

If you stay in touch with his relatives, then you’ll always know what he’s up to, which isn’t healthy.  So if you want to move on and put your ex behind you, it’s time to stop calling and texting his family members.

2. You Refuse to Go to Places He May Be

We know how bad it is to run in to your ex—it’s awkward and frustrating.  However, when you’re completely over someone, seeing them won’t even bother you.  If you’re avoiding all the places your ex frequents, you’re doing it because you still have lingering feelings for him.  Why aren’t you going to your favorite coffee shop, your gym, or your favorite sushi restaurant?  If you find yourself going out of your way to avoid running in to your ex, you definitely have feelings for him.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you’re purposely hanging out at these places in hopes of “accidentally” running into him, you’re also still not over him.

3. You’re Thinking About Revenge

You find yourself daydreaming up ways of getting back at him, even though he did not do anything wrong.  When you’re truly over a relationship, hurting your ex would never even cross your mind.  If revenge is on your agenda and you find yourself plotting things to get back at him, then you’re definitely not over your ex.

A lot of women contemplate keying their ex’s car or putting them on blast on social media after a breakup.  We don’t approve of this behavior, but it’s not uncommon to think about after a breakup, especially if he cheated.  But if it has been months since the two of you broke up and your ex did nothing wrong yet you’re still plotting revenge, then you’re not over him.

4. Your Friends Have to Grab Your Phone So You Don’t Call Him

Your gal pals have to babysit your phone when you’re having a few drinks because they know that the second the wine hits your lips you reach for your phone to call your ex.  If you find yourself making phone calls to your ex when you’re having a drink or two, then you’re definitely not over him.

When you’re over someone, you’ll have no desire to call them.  In fact, you delete them from your contact list.  It’s plain and simple.  If you had a long-term relationship with him, you’ll miss him occasionally, but drinking also lowers your inhibitions and makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do.  If your girlfriends have to take your phone away every Friday and Saturday night, then you’re not over your ex.

5. You Post Stuff to Make Him Angry

Posting selfies in hopes of making him think twice about letting you go means you’re not over him.  Of course every woman wishes to stunt their ex and show them what they’re missing.  But if you find yourself doing this on a regular basis, it’s time you realize this behavior is unhealthy.  If your life mission is to make your ex jealous on social media, then you’re not over him.  You need to put him behind so you can finally move on.

We know how difficult it is to move on after a failed relationship, especially if it was a long-term one.  But if you want to start a new relationship without old baggage spilling over, then it’s time to put your ex behind you once and for all.

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