Los Angeles Matchmakers | 5 Signs He’s About to Ghost You

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Being ghosted is one of the worst experiences in dating.  It really hurts, there’s no way around it.  In fact, it can hurt ten times more than a breakup.  At least in the case of a breakup, there’s a reason why the relationship ended.  In the case of being ghosted, he just disappears from your life without any explanation.  There was a charming, handsome guy in your life who suddenly left you and gave you no reason as to why.

It’s hard to spend your time with someone only to have them vanish from your life with no warning.  If you’re afraid that the new man in your life is getting ready to disappear on you, then let our Los Angeles matchmakers show you five warning signs he’s about to ghost you.  These five clues will help you figure out if he’s on the path to ghosting you so you’re not blindsided by his disappearance.

1. He Cancels Plans All the Time

If you have plans to go on a date and he suddenly cancels them, that’s a huge red flag (even worse if he doesn’t reschedule the date).  Of course, he’ll probably give you an excuse of some sort because guys who ghost women are always full of excuses.  Whatever his excuse might be, if he didn’t reschedule the date, then that’s a sign he’s getting ready to ghost you.  He left you hanging high and dry and didn’t even bother to reschedule the date.  If he can cancel plans with you, he’ll definitely be able to disappear from your life.

2. He Stopped Inviting You Out

If you see a future with someone, they generally see a future with you too.  Right?  Yes, that’s how dating works.  If he is no longer inviting you to upcoming events, that’s a bad sign for you.  If you used to cheer him on every weekend at his softball games and now he’s not inviting you, that’s a bad thing.  If he isn’t including you in his future plans, he might be getting ready to disappear.

3. He Doesn’t Ask About Your Life

Does he know your childhood nickname, your favorite TV show, or that you have a peanut allergy?  If a guy doesn’t know anything about you and doesn’t care to ask you any questions about your life, it shows he doesn’t care about you in a deep and personal way.  He isn’t trying to learn anything about you because he’s not interested in you that way and doesn’t see a future with you.

4. He Never Sends the First Message

If you’re the only one initiating the conversation, it means this guy is in your life due to your efforts, not his.  He’s making no effort to keep the relationship going.  Sure, once you start the conversation, then he might be friendly and keep it going, but he’s not the one initiating anything.  Remember that if you’re the only one making efforts, this is a one-sided relationship.

5. He Only Texts You When He’s Drunk

This is a huge red flag.  It doesn’t matter how sweet and caring he might be when he’s had a few drinks, if he’s only drunk texting you, then that’s the only relationship you have.  You are a booty call.  If you’re okay with that, then by all means continue with this relationship.  Being a booty call means you’re only important to him when he wants to hook up, and we know that’s not what you want in your dating life.  We know you deserve to be someone’s Saturday morning, not Friday night.

How many of these five warning signs is your new guy displaying?

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