LA Dating | Best Places to Meet Single Men in Los Angeles

best place to meet men los angeles

As you venture off into adulthood, you might realize that meeting eligible single men in hard to do, and it’s even harder to find them here in the Los Angeles dating scene.  You’re no longer surrounded by single men like you were in college, and as your friends get in relationships, well, you no longer have a wing-woman to help you scout out men when you go downtown.  Online dating might seem like the easiest thing do, but you quickly get burnout sifting through hundreds of profiles and meeting men who only want to get you in the bedroom.

If you’re really serious about settling down and finding Mr. Right, then you have to think outside the box.  Let our LA dating experts show you a list of five unusual places to meet single men in Los Angeles.  These everyday places could put you on the path to finding your Mr. Right.

1. Local Dog Parks

The dog park is a hot spot for single men in Los Angeles.  Dozens of eligible men and their furry friends head out to the dog parks every day, especially in the evenings and on the weekends to get some exercise and catch some rays.  If you already have a dog, you can definitely use Fido and the local dog park to find Mr. Right.  But if you’re dog-less, don’t worry, you can still fake it until you make it and borrow a friend or family member’s friendly pups.  You’ll be surprised how attracted men are to a woman with a furry little friend.

2. In Rush-Hour Traffic

Instead of cursing up a storm in the LA traffic jams and pounding your fist against the steering wheel because you haven’t moved an inch in fifteen minutes, turn a dreadful traffic jam into an opportunity to meet single men.  Pump up some tunes on full blast, put your window down, and put a friendly and outgoing smile on your beautiful face.  You never know who will be pulling up next to you and in need of a friendly smile from an easygoing gal like yourself.  If there’s one thing we know about men it’s that they can’t resist a fun-loving woman who knows how to have a good time.

3. Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are so much fun.  Not only can you get your fresh fruit and veggies, but you can also check out health conscious single men while you’re at it.  Peruse the stands as you stock up items in your basket, but don’t forget to keep your eyes open for eligible men.  The guy standing next to you feeling on that watermelon could be your Mr. Right.  Plus, a farmers market lends you many opportunities to strike up a conversation with an attractive man.  Believe us, he’ll just be relieved he’s not the one coming up and bothering you.

4. At a Parking Lot

The next time you head out to the local store, don’t just go searching for the closest parking spot to the door.  Instead, park a little ways out.  That longer walk to the store will give you the perfect opportunity to check out the scene.  And by scene, we mean eligible men.  If that guy in the BMW catches your eye, flash him a smile and try to start a conversation.  Years later, you’ll be able to tell your children that you met their father at a local parking lot.  Sure, it might not be romantic, but love is love.

5. At a Hiking Trail

Do you want to meet a man who is as active as you are?  Then you have to go where active men go. A hiking trail is the perfect place to meet fit men who also love the outdoors.  Just make sure you’re wearing your cutest workout outfit and have your towel ready to wipe off any sweat before you start talking to him.  Hey, we don’t have to tell you that every guy loves an active and outdoorsy girl.

It’s time to shake up your routine and meet single men in Los Angeles in one of these five unusual places suggested by our matchmakers.

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