Westwood Matchmakers | How to Stop Obsessing Over Them

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Obsessing over someone means a lot of work and turmoil for you.  It means you’re not giving yourself the freedom to enjoy life.  It means you keep living the same cycle over and over again.  Obsessive behaviors can quickly take over your life.  Before you realize it, it has destroyed your life.  You’re young and have so much to offer, so let’s get you off the obsessive track and on to a new one.

Ghosts don’t always haunt us like we think.  They can do sneaky little things to hurt us.  If you’re living with a ghost (obsessing), then it’s time to kick the ghost to the curb and start fresh.  Today, our Westwood matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles will show you five ways to stop obsessing over someone.

1. Develop New Friendships

The cure for any obsession is to start something new, and getting new friends is a great start for you.  You need to develop new friendships as far as the eye can see.  Let go of old relationships and develop new ones.  When you have friends around you, there are plenty of distractions.  You have things to do, things to talk about, and things to see.  If you have friends in common with the person you’re obsessing about, then you definitely need to make some new friends.  Check out local events in Los Angeles and head out to art galleries, coffee shops, and bookstores to meet new people.

2. Erase Their Number

The old adage says, “Out of sight, out of sight,” and that’s 100% right when you want to forget someone.  In order to stop obsessing about them, you need to erase their number from your phone.  While you probably have their number memorized, you still have to delete it from your phone.  And while you’re at it, say goodbye to them on social media too.  If you’re not strong enough to do it on your own, have a trusted friend do it for you.  By eliminating them from your phone and life, you won’t be thinking about them as much.

3. Stop Doing Things to Bring Back Memories

We’re all humans, so we’re all creatures of habit.  We tend to develop routines and stick with them.  Don’t believe us?  Sit down and think about what you do every week, then tell us it’s not what you do every week.  On the weekends, you probably do the same thing, if not identical things.  Habits are great because they make us feel safe, but that’s not what you need right now.  If you’re doing things that purposely invoke them, then you won’t be able to get rid of them.  You need to break away from your routine and create new habits to forget about them and what they’re up to.

4. Be Patient

Be patient, because it will take time.  Kicking habits, especially one like obsessing over someone, will not happen overnight.  While starting a new habit doesn’t take long, quitting old ones does.  It takes approximately three times longer to kick a bad habit.  So think about that one for a moment and realize that you will not stop obsessing over them right away.  You need to be more consistent with your actions, and you must also believe that you can do it.

You won’t stop thinking about him or her next week.  You must be realistic and realize that it will be hard and that it will take time.  You will slip up from time to time and might even find yourself daydreaming about them at work, but you will eventually get over them.  Don’t be in a hurry.  Good habits take time to create, and your new habits are in the making.

If you want to stop obsessing over an ex or someone it didn’t work out with romantically, know that it will take time to do so.  You must be realistic and not be too hard on yourself.  Be patient because it will happen.

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