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It is a frustrating thing, something we hear all the time: “Why her over me?”  You stick it out and give him the best weeks or months of your life only for the relationship to fizzle out fast.  One thing is clear, you thought he was the one.  But obviously he didn’t feel the same way for you.  Love is a gamble, and we all have to take a leap of faith if we want to find love.

Most times, the end of a relationship just means you were not meant for each other.  It took going through the process of the relationship to find this out.  But what if you find you’re in this situation time and time again?  Let our Los Angeles matchmakers show you the top four reasons he might have chosen her over you.\

1. She Compliments Him

Believe it or not, many men like to be complimented.  When he drives to your home to pick you up for a date, he wants you to thank him.  If he looks good for the date, he also wants to hear it from you.  Just like you want to be told you look beautiful, he wants to hear the same.  Although men don’t usually receive compliments, they love it when a woman gives them compliments.  It could be something as small as telling him his shirt brings out his blue eyes or that he’s such a hard worker.  He could’ve chosen her over you because she gave him compliments and made him feel flattered whereas you held back.

2. She Knows How to Have a Good Time

Everyone needs a little excitement in their life, and if you plan on settling down with someone, you definitely want to pick a partner who knows how to have a good time.  Maybe you were a little too serious or uptight, or perhaps you weren’t willing to step outside your comfort zone and do things he wanted to do, like mini golfing, bowling, or kayaking.

The girl he ultimately chose probably knows how to have a good time.  She probably knows how to plan fun dates and go with the flow.  If you know you were a little uptight, now is the time to change that around so the next guy doesn’t leave you for another woman who isn’t a stick in the mud.  Learn to let go and live a little.

3. They Share the Same Affection Style

Have you ever dated someone who was all over you behind closed doors?  What about someone who loved PDAs?  If you’re affection styles did not match, then this could be why he chose her over you.  If he chose her over you, it could be because they really clicked when it comes to affection.  Maybe she likes to hold hands, but you never did.  Maybe she loves little kisses in public, but you wouldn’t think of it.  There was nothing you could’ve done to make him choose you if you were lacking in the affection department.

4. They Have the Same Family Values

If he was looking for a woman to settle down with, then he would want a woman with the same family values.  Maybe he was ready to get married and start his family, while you were just starting to figure out your life.  For a guy who is looking for a long-term relationship, getting serious with someone who doesn’t have the same family values is a recipe for disaster.

Instead of hoping you would change your mind and potentially go with his views, he chose the woman who was already on the same page as him.  The woman he chose over you shares the same lifestyle and family values.

Don’t feel sad if it didn’t work out between the two of you.  Take this as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes or perhaps a lesson to choose men who are compatible with you.

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