How to Choose the Best Matchmaking Service in Los Angeles

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Dating through a professional matchmaking service will make dating easier and more enjoyable for you, especially if you’re a busy professional with little time for dating.  But with the amount of matchmakers flooding the LA dating scene, it can be difficult to distinguish the rookies from the experts.  How do you choose a quality matchmaker who will help you define and achieve your dating goals?

The following tips from our LA matchmakers will show you how you can choose the best matchmaking service in Los Angeles to lead the way on your dating quest.

1. Background & Experience

Choose a matchmaking service with an extensive background in matchmaking.  Always go with a company that has been in the industry for years.  They also need to have credentials and certificates that they are, in fact, matchmakers.

2. Upfront Policies & Prices

You need to choose a matchmaking service that isn’t afraid to discuss the company policies and prices with you.  Membership pricing can range anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000 depending on the company and the years in the industry.

3. A Well Balanced Client Database

Choose a matchmaking service that has a well-balanced client database.  For example, if you’re over 60, you don’t want to work with a matchmaker who caters to the 30s & 40s crowd.  You need a matchmaker who specializes in your age range and has a balanced database.

4. Positive Reviews & Happy Clients

Choose a matchmaker with positive testimonials and a track record of success.  You can easily search the internet for the company’s success.  Happy clients should leave reviews on unbiased sites where you can review the company’s methods of operation.  If a company has a one star rating, you might want to keep looking.

5. Small to Medium Size Company

You don’t want to work with a large matchmaking service.  Why?  Because they’ll treat you like a number, not a client.  Many times when a matchmaking company is a national chain, it becomes more about a sales quota and profit rather than a genuine interest in helping you find your ideal partner.  As a smaller company ourselves, we stay true to our company’s core value of helping our clients find true love.  We value each and every client and always have their very best interest in mind.

6. Years in the Business

Choose a matchmaking service that has been operating for at ten years.  Many so called matchmakers are popping up all over LA hoping to make a quick buck.  But our company, Los Angeles Singles, has nearly 30 years of experience helping singles in LA find love.  Our 30 years in the industry proves credibility, long-term success, and a quality client base.

7. An On-Hold Feature

Always choose a matchmaking service that allows you to put your membership on hold.  This way when you meet someone special and want to date them exclusively, you can freeze your membership as you get to know them.  Here at Los Angeles Singles, we allow our members to freeze their memberships as they explore their new relationships.

If you’re looking for the best matchmaking service in Los Angeles, look no further—Los Angeles Singles Dating Service is here for you.  If you’re ready to take the first step towards a proactive approach to finding love, we want to hear from you.  We invite you to a complimentary consultation where you can get to know us and discover how our matchmakers can work their magic on you.

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