Coldwater Canyon Matchmakers | 8 Warning Sign He’s Taken

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So you’ve been going out with this awesome guy for some time now, and everything is going perfectly. But somewhere in the back of your mind, there’s a nibbling feeling that something isn’t quite right. Something about the new guy in your life just doesn’t feel right. But you the thing is, well, you just can’t put your finger on it.

Part of you is telling you that you might be overreacting or that your imagination is getting the best of you, but your gut feeling is telling you that you’re right. Today, our Coldwater Canyon matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will show you telltale warning signs that the new guy in your life already has a girlfriend.

It’s going to sting a bit, but it’s better to find out now. So let’s delve into the list of signs your Mr. Right is not so right after all. In fact, he’s Mr. Taken.

  1. Your phone calls go unanswered.


One of the most obvious behaviors that should raise suspicions is when your phone calls go unanswered. It’s only common for two people in a relationship to call each other throughout the day, even if it’s only to say hello. If your guy doesn’t call you or doesn’t pick up your calls either, then he could be ignoring you because he has a girlfriend.

  1. He keeps his phone hidden.


Not answering your phone calls or text messages is one thing, but keeping his phone on his person (even when he goes to the bathroom) is a little more suspicious. He might even keep it out of reach when he hangs out with you.

Also, look at the way he answers the phone when he’s with you. He might avoid answering in front of you, cuts the calls short, or exits the room to answer the phone. Also, is his cell phone password-protected?

  1. He has different aliases.


If your guy is already in a relationship with another woman, then he’ll likely store your name under another name. Why would he store your name under an alias? Because he has something to hide. He doesn’t want the other woman in his life to find out who you are.

  1. He’s unavailable on the weekends.


If he’s already in a relationship, he won’t be available on the weekends. Whenever you suggest getting together on the weekends or ask him to stop by, he always has an excuse ready to fire up. Whether it’s work-related or a family member or friend coming to town, he always gives you an excuse. You also notice that he’s unavailable at night.

  1. He’s unavailable on holidays.


Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or the Fourth of July, he can’t ever spend the holidays with you. Even though he texts you throughout the day, he’s unavailable to see you. So what does this tell you? He’s clearly spending the holidays with someone else.

  1. You haven’t seen his place.


Whenever you plan to hang out, it’s always at a public place or yours. For having been together for a while, you should know where he lives, but you don’t have a clue. He even shows up to your home at unexpected times and suggests hanging out. He might give you lame excuses as to why you can’t go to his place, including roommate problems or pest control issues.

  1. He’s cautious when in public.


He only takes you out for a meal or a movie at far away places. He tells you it’s because he’s never been there before, but it’s really because he doesn’t want his girlfriend or her friends to run into the two of you.

  1. He’s not on social media.


He told you he doesn’t have a Facebook or Instagram page, yet you discover he does after your own investigation. It’s private, so you send him a request only to have it denied (or he takes no action at all). You glimpse on his phone and he’s active on social media, so why isn’t he accepting you? Because he has a girlfriend.

That nagging doubt you have might be true. If you notice any of these behaviors, be very careful because he might already be in a relationship with another woman. If he’s already taken, you know what you need to do.

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