Santa Monica Dating Service | 8 Traits Men Desire in a Woman

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Most guys have learned to adjust their image of their ideal woman. If they’re smart, they know that just because a woman is beautiful doesn’t mean she’s girlfriend material. No woman in the world is perfect, and while deal breakers do vary from guy to guy, there are some universal things guys want in a girlfriend.

So tell us, are you desirable? Today, our Santa Monica dating service will show you the top traits single men in LA look for in a woman.

  1. She’s Hard to Get


She knows what it’s like to make a man work for it, but she’s not cruel and will give him a bone here and there. She respects herself enough not to rush into anything without knowing he’s the real deal. But once a guy proves himself, she’s open to the possibility of a relationship.

  1. She Calls Guys Out


While she can be openhearted and warm, she’s not afraid to call out a guy who disrespects her. If she thinks he’s lying, cheating, or acting like a jerk, she’ll have no problem calling him out on it. She stands up for herself and the people she cares about. She has a backbone and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks.

  1. She Takes Care of Herself


Her emotional and mental wellbeing are very important to her. Healthy people come in all shapes and sizes and she doesn’t have to have a body like Jennifer Aniston to be considered in good shape. Men want to be with a woman who takes care of her health, and that will come across more in what she does to stay active than in what she weighs.

  1. She Takes Pride in Her Appearance


Men today don’t want to date a woman who looks nothing like she does with makeup. They prefer a woman who has a natural look. Men want a woman who takes pride in her appearance, but he still wants to able to recognize her the following day when she takes her makeup off.

  1. She’s Affectionate


The perfect girlfriend will never try to keep him away or be ashamed to be seen in public together. She’s supportive of everything he does and even brags to her friends about him. When they’re together, she lets him know how much she cares about him. She is very open and affectionate.

  1. She Doesn’t Let Her Insecurities Affect Her


Guys want to be with a woman who is happy and proud of herself. Guys don’t want a woman who is insecure and always looking for reassurance. Men don’t want to continually reassure their girlfriend. Sure, not everyone is happy with their body all the time, but the right woman will not let her insecurities dampen her life.

  1. She Has Her Own Life


No guy wants to start dating a woman and have her suddenly claim all his friends as her own, move into his place, and want to spend all day long together. Men want a woman who has her own life. This includes hobbies and interests, friends, and goals in life.

  1. She Enjoys Looking Great


The right woman knows how to dress well but not just for him—she dresses well all the time. She is well put together because it makes her feel sexy, and being sexy makes her feel confident.

Think you have what it takes to be an awesome girlfriend? Do you think men consider you girlfriend material? Well, if you bring these eight traits to the table, consider yourself a catch.

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