Beverly Hills Dating Service | Top 3 Signs He Has Other Women

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Unfortunately, the Los Angeles dating scene is full of players.  They’ll waste your time to get what they want.  But don’t worry, by the end of this article you’ll be able to spot one from a mile away.

Your time is valuable. More importantly, your love is precious. Everyone knows this, yet some men will still play with your feelings.  They’re awful guys to come across when you’re in search of the real thing, but there’s no way to escape them.  Instead, you’ll just have to learn how to spot a player before he can play with your feelings—or worse, leave you crushed and bitter about dating altogether.

When you notice the signs of a guy playing you, you can simply jump ship before it’s too late.  Let our Beverly Hills dating service show you the undeniable warning signs he has other women in his life and in is only playing you.

  1. He Doesn’t Open Up About Himself


If you’re dating a guy and he still avoids sharing things about his life, then he doesn’t see you as someone he plans on keeping around for the long run.  Most men are careful to reveal things about themselves and take some time to feel comfortable enough to open.

Not all men are like this, but there are a lot who are more reserved.  As he gets more comfortable with you, he should have no problem opening up with you about his life.  However, if you know next to nothing about him, aside from maybe the basics (after spending a lot of time together), then he doesn’t see you as someone that will be in his life for long.  After all, he doesn’t see the point in you getting to know him if he isn’t interested in developing a meaningful connection with you.

  1. He Doesn’t Want to Be Seen Out with You


While most, if not all, of us would agree this is a huge red flag of his lack of commitment to you, it can often go unnoticed. The guy you’re with might not directly say that he doesn’t want to be seeing in public with you, but his actions may say otherwise.

These actions may include never taking you out in public and rarely acknowledging you when his friends are around.  In some instances, maybe he does take you, then acts strangely at the thought of someone seeing you together.  Chances are, he’s either embarrassed to be seen in public with you, or doesn’t want something serious with you.  Who knows, maybe he already has a girlfriend and doesn’t want anyone to see the two of you together.  If he doesn’t want to be seen with you in public, the you’re not the one for him.

  1. He Keeps You in the Friendzone


For guys and girls, the friendzone is completely different.  When a girl puts a guy in the friendzone, it means he is just a friend—someone she will never date.  When a guy puts you in the friendzone, he can act as though there is potential for a relationship, such as kiss you and take you out. However, this guy never plans on making things official—in other words, you’ll never be committed.

It’s not that he’s intentionally leading you on; he just assumes you are both on the same page about this and want to keep things casual.  The main way to tell if you’re in the friendzone or if he is serious about you is to pay close attention to how he introduces you to his friends.  Does he introduce you as just a friend?  Then you’re not the real deal to him.

Ladies, if you’re dating someone who is only stringing you along, it’s time to cut your losses and get out before you’re completely heart broken.

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