Beverly Hills Singles | 3 Signs He Wants to Be Your Boyfriend

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Let’s be honest here, guys are very hard to read. You may think you know him but might be clueless. We rarely trust our gut instinct. We don’t just doubt and second guess – we third and fourth guess ourselves. Usually this happens because we get dragged through the ringer with a bunch of dating games from previous relationships.

We’ve been told to play hard to get and not act eager. Blah blah blah. But usually, it’s us who ends up playing the guessing game. Does he like me more than just a friend? Does he just wants to be friends with benefits? Or is he looking for something more?

Don’t worry, because here at LA Singles, we’ve helped many Beverly Hills singles figure out the modern dating scene and overcome the dating games.  Fret not, the leading matchmaking service in Los Angeles is here to show you the top signs he wants to be your boyfriend.

  1. He actually makes plans.


Instead of leaving all the decisions up to you, this guy shows you he actually wants to be with you by making plans himself. He invites you to come out for a drink or to hit up a local Thai restaurant around the corner that he’s been dying to go. And if you guys have known each other a little longer, he even arranges trips for you to go on together. This guy is showing you that he actually wants to invest time in the relationship and make you a priority in his life, which is a huge indicator that he has feelings for you.

  1. He text you regularly.


All of those games you’ve had to deal with in the last are long gone when it comes to this guy. Instead of guessing when you’ll hear from him, you are constantly getting messages from him. When a guy wants to make you his girlfriend, he will be in touch with you all the time. He is going to genuinely show interest by reaching out to you all the time. He’s over all those child games because he’s not afraid to show you how much he likes you. So getting a cute text message from him midday is his way of showing you his love.

  1. He defines the relationship.


One of the scariest parts of entering a new relationship is not knowing where you stand with him. Are you guys just casually dating, or is this an exclusive relationship? Are you seeing each other, dating, or officially in a relationship? Do you change your relationship status on Facebook and make it official? Do you tell people you are seeing each other?

If a guy really wants to be your boyfriend, he won’t leave you in the dark wondering where you stand with him. He will have no problem talking about the relationship and defining it. He’ll even bring up the topic himself, or else help you along as you um and ah your way through it. Men are usually afraid of commitment, but a real man knows what a great catch you are, so why wouldn’t he try to lock you down? If your guy is open to talking about being exclusive, he’s definitely as into you as you are into him.

So where do you and this new guy stand? Is he over the LA dating scene and ready to hang up his dating hat?

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