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How to make him commit to a relationship, you might be wondering? You have decided that it is time to stop playing games and get serious with him. But he might not be on the same page as you. Read on and learn the best tips to get a guy to commit. Stop wondering how to get him to commit to a relationship and read these matchmaking secrets, but primarily, guidelines on how to finally get a guy to commit to you.

Let our West Los Angeles matchmakers here at LA Singles Dating Service show you the best way to get a guy to commit.

  1. Choose your battles wisely.


Do you flip out every time your guy does something wrong? If you do, you might want to change that. Believe us, he’s going to mess up many times. It’s best to choose your battles instead of using everything against him. If you fight him on each thing that comes up, he’ll only think you don’t like him or that you’re too critical and catty.

  1. Show him you’re ready to commit.


If you want a long-term relationship with your guy, have you thought about showing him that? While it can sound intimidating to speak up, it doesn’t have be an earth-shattering conversation. You can simply let him know that you’re looking for something meaningful and you’re waiting for him to get to that point. That way it puts the ball in his court while letting him know that you want to take the relationship to the next step.

  1. Be fun and easygoing.


Guys are much less complicated than women, that much we know. They like things to be easygoing and relaxed, which means they don’t really want to commit to someone who’s going to add stress to their life. So be easygoing and keep things fun and interesting. He’ll want to commit to you then, trust us.

  1. Get to know him better.


You really need to spend a lot of time getting to know your partner and things about his life. This can not only help you decide if you’re compatible with each other, but it’ll also give you insight as to why he has commitment issues to begin with.

  1. Be nice to his friends.


If a guy’s friends like you, it’ll make it much easier for him to like you and want to commit to you. When they’re asking about you and wanting you to hang out with them, he’ll see the value in that. So be nice when his friends come around, and make them see how great of a girlfriend you are to him.

  1. Withdraw if he seems hesitant.


Not much will make a guy commit faster than the fear of losing you. However, you can’t give him an ultimatum. Just by simply cutting the communication back a little bit and giving him some breathing room will make him want to commit to you. This might scare him into realizing that he could potentially lose you.

  1. Have your own life.


Don’t drop your whole life for the new guy you’re dating. If he notices you becoming too involved with him, it’ll be a huge red flag. Have your own hobbies and interests. If he sees that you have a life independent from his, he won’t feel like commitment is a trap.

We wish you all the luck in the world in getting the guy in your life to commit. It’s not always easy, but use these tips and you’ll be well on your way to showing him you’re great girlfriend material.

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