Playa Del Rey Matchmakers | 5 Signs She Has a Crush on You

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The main fear when it comes to asking someone out on date, flirting with someone, or just interacting with them is rejection. And just as men have that hesitation, so do women. It may not always be clear as water, but these signs will help you know if she has a crush on you.

Not only do women play coy when they have a crush, but they may play hard to get too. Women are unique in their own way, but there are multiple signs she has a crush on you.

A crush can mean something different for everyone. If you’re curious if a woman has something for you, look for these signs that could mean she merely finds you good looking, she wants to go out on a date with you, or she genuinely likes you.

Top Signs She Has a Crush on You

Just like when looking for a road sign as you’re driving, when reading signs from a woman, you need to keep your eyes wide open.

While there are often many obvious signs, our dating experts know there will likely also be subtle movements and behaviors that you’ll have to look out for in order to see if she has a crush on you.

Today, our Playa Del Rey matchmakers are going to show you the top signs she has a crush on you.

  1. She’ll laugh at your jokes.


It is an immediate reaction women have when they like a guy. She can’t help but to smile at you. And humor is a great way to bring out that grin on her adorable face. So if you make a joke or tell her a funny story and she laughs, she may have a crush on you.

  1. She’ll blush.


Just like you, women blush when they get nervous or are merely in the presence of the guy they like. If her cheeks turn a rosy hue around you, you’re in luck because she has a crush on you.

Do watch out, though, that what you’re seeing isn’t just her makeup. If she always has rosy glow, that isn’t a flush of nerves. But if you notice that she turns pink when you come around, that is a surefire sign she has a crush on you.

  1. She will try to get close to you.


Whether you share a group of friends or are at a bar, if she tries repeatedly to get close to you, she may have a crush. That includes sitting next to you at the movies or when you’re hanging out in a group setting.

When attracted to someone, even at the level of a crush, your body wants to get closer to them. It is almost like a magnetic force that you simply can’t help. Be on the lookout if she always tries making her way to you.

  1. She puts efforts into her appearance.


Not to say that women only do their hair or makeup when they are around a guy they like, but if you noticed she adds a touch of lipstick or perfume when she knows she’s going to be around you, that may be a telltale sign she has a crush on you.

If you smell a floral essence coming from her or some vanilla fragrance wafting from her hair, she may have a crush on you.

  1. She teases you.


Teasing and flirting go hand in hand. And just like pushing someone on the playground in grade school was a sign you liked them, this is no different – think of it as the adult version. If she teases you for your clothes, your taste in music, or your taste in food, she may have a crush on you.

You see, reading a woman’s behaviors doesn’t have to be so tough. Keep your eyes peeled for these telltale signs she’s digging you!

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