Sherman Oaks Matchmakers | 12 Signs He Truly Loves You

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Dating a guy can be easy. But reading his mind is difficult. Well, that’s why you’re here today.

Some guys are quite comfortable expressing their feelings in a romantic way.

But most guys have a hard time expressing their feelings this way.

Your guy may say that he loves you, but he may not be the most proficient when it comes to expressing just how much you mean to him.

If you’re dating a guy already, then you need to keep reading.

If you really want to know just how much your man loves you, stop letting words play the important part. Instead, watch his behavior and use these signs he loves you without saying a word.

So does your guy really love you, even if he doesn’t express his feelings? Find out today just how much you mean to your man.

Let our Sherman Oaks matchmakers show you the top twelve signs he loves you.

  1. He remembers what you say.


A guy who’s in love with a woman always listens to her and remembers every single word she says, even if it’s something trivial like her favorite coffee or where she grabs lunch every day during her break at work.

  1. He’s chivalrous.


He isn’t just chivalrous but he also treats you like a lady. A guy is chivalrous to a woman when he cares about her and her feelings. If your guy doesn’t care about you, he wouldn’t treat you like a princess.

  1. He takes care of your needs.


If your man truly loves you, he’ll always look for ways to make your life better, be it about giving you his jacket during a cold night or charging your cell phone when the battery is low.

  1. You’re always a part of his life plan.


He speaks about his life and his dreams with you, and you always have a prominent spot in his life. He always talks about vacations and talks about going with you.

  1. He holds your hand.


Instinctively, when you’re in a crowd or out and about, he reaches for your hand. And when you’re crossing the street, he softly places his hand on your back. This is a reflex action that neither of you may realize. If a guy loves you, he definitely wants to protect you.

  1. He respects your opinion.


He values your opinion. He doesn’t make life decisions without talking to you first. He loves hearing your point of view and opinions.

  1. He’s protective.


If you’re taking a trip by yourself or even if you’re just driving out with your friends, does he check up with you from time to time? If your man can relax only after knowing that you’re safe, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, he definitely cares about you.

  1. He’s interested in your life.


If your man loves you, he’ll always be eager to know everything about your life, including all the small little details of your life.

  1. He always helps you.


He’s always ready to offer a helping hand every time you need something. Even if he’s busy, he finds a way to make room in his schedule to help you out.

  1. He keeps you updated.


He keeps you informed about his life and what he’s doing during the day.

  1. You’re the last person he talks to at night.


You are the last person he talks to every night. He speaks to you or texts you at night. If he loves you, you’ll be the first and last person on his mind.

  1. He makes a lot of effort.


He puts a lot of effort forth to be liked by your friends and family. He cares what your friends and family think of him, and he also understands that their impression of him will have an effect on the relationship.

So there you have it, the surefire signs your guy truly loves you. We hope you show him the same kind of love and affection to keep your love going strong.

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