LA Matchmakers Reveal First Date Tips for LA Men

single women in los angeles

Are you one of the many single men in LA who’s looking for helpful dating tips? Let our LA matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service show you our favorite first date tips for men.

If you have a date and are not sure how it’s going to turn out – follow our tips for men in LA to win her over and get on track to secure a second date.

  1. Get there before her


If you are meeting out, don’t leave her hanging please! Show up at least 10 minutes before the arranged meeting time. If you are picking her up from her place, be on time – not early. She will need all the time to get ready to look stunning for the date with you.

  1. Confidence is key


If you’re nervous, have a glass of wine! Don’t get drunk please. A glass of wine will calm your nerves. Women love a confident man. This is also an ideal moment to pop a mint. You don’t want to smell like alcohol and have her thinking that she’s dating a booze hound.

  1. Kiss her


Not in the lips silly! That’s too early. Upon arriving to the date, go for her cheek and if you can do a hug/kiss combination, that’s a double whammy. Touching early works wonders for creating chemistry and gets the date started in the right direction.

  1. Bring good conversation topics


Have you got a good conversation topic ready? If not, get them ready now. Think of 5 things you can talk about during your date and a few questions you can ask her to get to know her on a deeper level. Forget the ordinary and boring questions. Read the paper so you are enlightened about world events. Get an insight into her views. More importantly ask her questions.

  1. Be funny


Fun – you need to be fun if you want to have a good first date. Save the drama and negative talk for when you’re hanging out with the boys. Women love a funny guy. Caution – don’t attempt funny jokes if you’re not the funny type.

  1. Be attentive


If you can’t keep your eyes on the lady across from you, there isn’t much hope for your dating life. A wondering eye indicates a lack of interest and makes a woman feel that she doesn’t have your attention or that she isn’t enough for you. The only outcome from this scenario will be that you won’t get a second date.

  1. Don’t be cheap


If you don’t offer to pay for the date, she will think you’re cheap. Pay and don’t make a big deal about it. Women don’t generally date to get a free meal. If she isn’t worth paying for, you shouldn’t be out on a date with her.

  1. Be a gentleman


Open the car door – the restaurant door – let her in the elevator first an offer your jacket if is chilly. Yes you heard it from us. Chivalry rocks!

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