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You finally ask her out and she agrees to go out with you. That was the easy part. Now it’s time to face a few problems. Making a great first impression is very important, and it can define your entire relationship. You realize that this is the moment of truth for you, the moment that you really have to shine, impress and make the most out of it. Relax, our Thousand Oaks matchmakers have a few tips to help you out. Today, we are going to help you make a great first impression on her.

In modern dating, there is no such thing as dinner and movies for first dates. This is considered old-fashioned, and it’s not going to be seen as creative. You have to think outside the box and be creative with your date ideas. Everything must be well planned, but please don’t stress yourself too much. Plans go wrong all the time, we’re sure you already know that.

Maybe you‘ve learned the hard way. Don’t freak out the moment that she tells you she doesn’t like what you have in mind. Be cool and remain calm. You need to be flexible and ready to offer alternatives. That’s why you’ll love our creative date ideas. They cover all kind of needs, so regardless of your taste, you will surely find some of the best date ideas here.

Today, our matchmakers are going to show you the best first date ideas in LA.

  1. Go Out for Karaoke


Karaoke is one of the best first date ideas if fun is what you want. You will have the time of your life as karaoke can be both creative and very fun. Hearing your love interest singing in a hilarious tone will help you bond, as it requires a certain amount of freedom to do so without worrying about being seen as a complete idiot.

Karaoke is considered to be one of the most creative first date ideas, as it allows you to have a lot of fun together. That’s what first dates are all about. To show that you are confident, don’t be afraid to let go and have a good time. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. You are just a human being, not a professional singer.

  1. Visit the Zoo


One of the best first date ideas that’s very creative and fun is the zoo. This is a highly recommended option if your date is an animal lover. Does she have a dog? Is she constantly talking about her dog? Does she come from a family that used to have plenty or rare animals like parrots or snakes? Then we can’t think of a better date idea for your first date than the zoo.

You can show her that you share the same love for wild animals while having the same affection for domestic pets. Eco-friendly people will also appreciate that you are so close to nature, and they will feel you share so much in common, which is great to start a relationship. Dress, though, you don’t want to show you up wearing a suit. Wear something laid back, such as jeans and a polo.

  1. Play Tourist in the City


Have you ever played tourist in your city? That feeling of discovering new things all the time kicks in and you suddenly feel that conquered a remote and exciting place. One of the best first date ideas the perfect walk in hidden parts of your city. You must know a few hot spots in the city, but it’s time to show how good you are at discovering these kinds of treasures and sharing with your new love interest.

The experience will be amazing because she’ll wonder how it was possible to pass by such a beautiful place every day and not know all that was truly there. The best first date ideas are the ones that have a simple yet powerful message. You are the kind of guy who will always leave her surprised with the date ideas you choose. You will be seen as an interesting and creative guy.

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