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It never fails to happen.  You’re happy as a clam in a perfect relationship, then out of nowhere another woman tries to squeeze herself into the picture.  And while your boyfriend might think she’s only interested in pursuing an innocent friendship, you’re not a fool and don’t believe it.  You know the difference between friendship and a crush, and she has a crush.

Not only does she complicate things in your relationship, but she’s making you anxious every time she comes around.  On top of that, even if you do trust your boyfriend, you definitely don’t trust her.  So how do you know you’re not just being jealous?  Today, our Los Angeles dating and relationship experts will show you five signs another woman is ready to steal your man.  Look out!

1. She Sends Texts & Calls Late at Night

It seems as though his phone always goes off late at night, and who could it be?  Oh, yes, it’s her.  She can’t help but to text him every time she has a drink in her.  Additionally, he’s the last person she thinks of before going to bed.  In turn, she wants to be the last person he thinks of before going to bed too.  She acts as though it’s innocent, but you’re not falling for it.

2. She Looks Stunning Whenever She’s Around

She looks stunning every time she comes around.  She spends hours getting ready before she comes around so she looks flawless.  She fantasizes about him telling her how beautiful she looks and will do anything to look irresistible.  She shows off her assets like there’s no tomorrow.  On top of that, she makes sure you notice them too.  She shamelessly throws herself at him and laughs it off as being friendly.

3. You Have a Gut Feeling

Deep down, even if you don’t want to accept it, you know she’s after him.  Don’t ignore your intuition because it’s telling you something you already know.  If you can’t get it out of your mind, then it’s probably a sign you should do something about it.  Don’t let it drive you crazy.  Just like you can tell when someone is into you, you can tell when someone is into your boyfriend.  If this is keeping you up at night, have a conversation with your boyfriend and sort it all out.

4. She Talks Bad About You

Whenever you’re not around, she makes sure your man gets an earful about you.  She tries to convince him that you’re not the right person for him.  Of course, she claims it’s in his best interest, but it’s really in her own.  She might say things like, “Ashley doesn’t appreciate you like I would,” or “Ashely is not the girlfriend you deserve.”  If she talks poorly about you, then she definitely wants your boyfriend.

5. She Competes with You

If you buy a sexy little red dress, the next time you see her she’s wearing a sexy little red dress.  If you start working out, she starts working out too.  Because your boyfriend is head over heels for you, she thinks that the more she can be like you the more he will fall for her too.  If you tell a story, she suddenly tells an even better one.  She acts as though everything she does is better than you.  Even if she’s nothing like you, she acts like she’s the 2.0 version of you.

We told you that not all friends are as loyal as you might think.  She might be nice and friendly but secretly want to steal your man.  If you have a friend like this, then it’s time to cut her off.

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