LA Matchmaking Service | 8 Signs of a Healthy Relationship


The definition of a good relationship varies from couple to couple. Each couple is different, and how they interact with one another varies. In general, a happy relationship has two loving partners who care for each other and the relationship as a whole. So how do you know you’re in a healthy relationship? If you and your partner have some of these traits, then you’re definitely in a healthy relationship.

Let the best Encino matchmaking service show you the top signs of a happy and healthy relationship so you can work to maintain and preserve it.

  1. It’s fairly drama & fight-free.


In a happy relationship, drama and fights aren’t obsolete but rarely occur. If you’re constantly fighting and arguing, you’re not in a healthy relationship. In good relationships, partners help and support each other during difficult times. When you need someone by your side, your partner will be there to help you through. But if you are not there for each other, you’re not in the right relationship.

  1. There’s excitement.


Even when you’re occupied by other things, you still think of your partner. Although you might not be together all the time, you get excited when you think about your partner and spending time with them. Your relationship has that spark that is uncommon in other relationships. Sex is also great, but it’s more than that—there’s excitement and chemistry too.

  1. There’s mutual respect.


When you truly love someone, you also respect them. This attitude goes both ways in a healthy relationship. If he isn’t respectful of you, insults you, and puts you down, you’re in an unhealthy relationship. When respect is not present in a relationship, the love will quickly die out.

  1. There’s honesty.


A relationship must be built on a solid foundation of honesty. If your partner is caught in a lie, even if it’s just a little one, they most likely have more lies hidden behind that are waiting to be discovered. How can you share your life with someone when they’re lying to you? In a healthy relationship, there aren’t any lies because both partners are open and honest with each other. Nobody wants to break that trust and risk losing the relationship.

  1. You watch out for one another.


If you’re in a happy relationship, you’ll do whatever it takes to show your partner you love them. Both partners try to give each other a sense of security by showing how much they care. This will help the relationship and make both partners feel secure. Once you feel secure, you’ll be able to improve communication with each other, which will, in turn, deepen the bond and make the relationship stronger.

  1. There’s compromise.


Arguments and bickering will happen in any relationship. What matters is not the argument but how you solve it. Partners in happy relationships know how to compromise in an argument instead of attacking each other. When feelings heat up, partners know how to talk rationally and diffuse the problem.

  1. There’s stability.


Perhaps on of the most important signs of a healthy relationship is stability. The individuals involved in the relationship are not afraid of talking about the future. If there’s no stability, it’s not a healthy relationship.

  1. The power is equal.


A common misconception is that one partner loves more than the other; however, this is far from the truth. In a happy and healthy relationship, both partners love each other equally. Neither person dominates the relationship.

How many of these eight signs of a healthy relationship do you see with your partner? We hope you see all of them! An unhealthy relationship will drag you down, while a healthy relationship will inspire you to be better in life.

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