Los Angeles Matchmaking Service | 6 Signs She’s a Keeper

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Nobody is perfect. Everyone has their good and not-so-good qualities. The goal for a relationship is to find someone whose good qualities outweigh the not-so-good ones. If you’re like many men, you may struggle to recognize the signs she’ll make a great partner. Unfortunately, too many men find the woman of their dreams and accidentally let her get away. If you’re not careful, you could let your dream catch slip right through your fingers. As the leading Los Angeles matchmaking service, we’re here to save the day.

Are you ready to find out if you found your perfect partner? Are you ready to put your doubts aside and take your relationship to the next level? Get ready as our Los Angeles matchmaking experts reveal the surefire signs she’s the one for you.

  1. She’s caring and kind.

Women are known to be caring and kind, more so than their male counterparts. If she’s kind, caring, and nurturing in your relationship and to others around her, that speaks volumes of who she is as a person. The ability to sincerely care for and recognize someone else’s needs leaves little to be desired. Who doesn’t want to be with someone who is genuinely nurturing and helpful?

  1. She’s able to forgive.

Many women today tend to hold onto grudges. If you found a woman who can accept apologies and forgive wrongdoing, never let her go. A lot of people today think they can forgive and forget, but they end up bringing up the same issue time and time again. The right woman will be able to move on and leave old issues in the past instead of drudging them up all the time.

  1. She’s not vengeful.

Life is tough and oftentimes painful. And it’s not always easy for some people to carry that pain around – letting it build into spite. Some people incapable of turning the other cheek when they’re embarrassed or hurt and instead strike back with a fit of vengefulness. This isn’t the type of woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. If your woman can handle bad situations without being spiteful, it’s safe to say you should keep her around.

  1. She’s admiring, not jealous.

It’s no secret that the green-eyed monster gets the best of a lot of people, especially women. And this isn’t limited to romantic relationships. Jealousy comes in all forms and areas of life.  Dealing with a partner who is jealous, especially in the relationship, can prove very trying.

Does your woman get jealous of female coworkers, friends, or even strangers? That’s not a good sign. How about other people’s achievements and accomplishments? One way to know the woman you’re dating is not a keeper is to examine the way she reacts to other people’s successes. If she is admiring and proud of others, especially you, then she’s a good woman and will make for a great partner.

  1. She’s understanding.

One of the best traits a woman can display in life and in a relationship is patience. As a man, you probably struggle to be patient and grow intolerant waiting around for things you want out of life. If your woman is patient and understanding and encourages you to follow suit, don’t let her get away. This kind of tolerance in life isn’t easy to come by.

  1. She’s supportive.

Behind every great man is a great woman. And that’s 100% true. You need a woman who is supportive and encouraging to help you get through life. Whether it’s encouraging you to advance in your career, pursue your own hobbies and interests, or spend time with friends, you want a woman who is not only supportive of your individual goals but also encouraging. You want a woman who is always in your corner, cheering you on and pushing you to do your best.

Not every woman is cut out to be a great partner. If you’ve been struggling to figure out if you finally found the woman you’re meant to be with, use this guide to see if she exhibits these traits. If you found a woman who is all the above, never let her get away. Believe us, a great woman isn’t always easy to come by.

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