Westwood Matchmakers | 6 Signs You Have Attachment Issues

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Insecure attachment style is mainly due to fear of abandonment. It makes you afraid of all types of things, such as being left by your partner, not being liked or loved, etc. And as Westwood matchmakers with over 30 years of experience in the Los Angeles dating and matchmaking industry, we know it goes without saying that it can cause many problems in your romantic life.

Are you worried you might have attachment issues? Are you in a relationship that you’re concerned about sabotaging? The first step to saving it is recognizing there’s a problem in the first place.

From communication issues to playing mind games, today our Westwood matchmakers here at LA Singles Dating Service are going to show you the telltale warning signs you have attachment issues.

  1. You have communication problems.

Due to fear and insecurity, you have a hard time communicating with your partner. Mostly, you struggle to be honest with them and end up causing yourself to get hurt. Instead of being open and honest, you expect your partner to read your mind all the time, and this isn’t healthy and can cause many problems in your relationship.

  1. You compare your relationship to everyone else’s.

Your relationship never meets the high expectations you have for love. You’re always left wanting more and more, so you compare your relationship to your friends’ relationships. You look at other people and think that they have a better and more loving relationship than you. In reality, you have no idea what their lives look like. You jump the gun and imagine the best possible scenario for them.

Although you might think everyone else has wonderful relationships, better than yours, that’s not for you to judge. You have no idea what their relationship looks like behind closed doors. And even if it were a match made in heaven, you shouldn’t compare your relationship to theirs.

  1. You’re selfish when it comes to your needs.

A relationship is about making compromises. You need to give as much as you get. You have difficulty with this because you always to put your needs in front of your partner’s. Perhaps you landed yourself a partner who doesn’t speak up for themselves so you always get what you want. Regardless, you’re high maintenance when it comes to you getting what you want.

If you’re guilty of always putting your wants and needs above your partner’s, it’s time you put an end to those bad ways today.

  1. You fake confidence when you really have none.

You know it’s important to have confidence in the relationship, but you lack it. As a result of wanting to seem like you have it all together, you’re sometimes over the top with your confidence. Inside, though, you’re falling apart with all your doubts and insecurities. Believe it or not, not having confidence can destroy your relationship. Many partners can see right through the fake confidence, leaving you feeling worse.

  1. You play mind games.

You’re insecure, so you play games all the time. You intentionally avoid texting back for a while or act in a passive-aggressive way. You do this because you don’t think your partner is paying you enough attention. Mind games are your specialty. Unfortunately for you, it’s definitely going to push them away.

  1. You get obsessed with them.

Where most people develop feelings for someone, you become obsessed in the relationship. You think about your partner all the time. Perhaps you think that they can save or fix you. In a way, it gets in the way of your everyday life. For example, you may be spacing out at work and not paying attention to your projects or workload. If you can’t live your everyday life because you’re always zoning out and thinking or worrying about your partner, that’s a very unhealthy habit – one that’s going to leave you single and heartbroken.

So tell us, are you hurting your relationship with unhealthy attachment issues? If you’re hurting your relationship due to your insecurities, it’s time you step up and make some healthy changes – for yourself and your relationship.

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