Single Women in LA | 5 Relationship Mistakes Women to Avoid

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Do you feel like your relationship is spiraling downwards? It is really tricky to find out what is really going wrong in your relationship. Sometimes there might be something happening that you can’t put your finger on. But as Los Angeles matchmakers with years of experience helping people find and maintain love, we know there could be many things happening. More often than not, whatever issues couples are facing will fall into common categories. Women have a tendency to self-sabotage their relationships through simple mistakes they make without realizing.

Today, our Los Angeles matchmakers are going to reveal the biggest mistakes women make in new relationships.

Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid 

  1. Wanting to be in Control of Everything

As we already know, there isn’t a perfect relationship out there. Most single women in LA want that once-in-a-lifetime love, that fairy-tale story that’s never-ending. Many women make the mistake of trying to make everything perfect and trying to turn their man into a real-life Prince Charming.

We can’t control destiny. You can’t control if someone asks you on date. You can’t control how often he calls, where he takes you, or how many text messages he sends throughout the day. However, you can control how you present yourself to others, how you react to things that are good or bad, how you show care for loved ones, and how you handle conflict in a relationship.

  1. Having a Hidden Agenda

Relationships bring so much to our lives: a close friend to hang out with, a chance to get dressed up and go out on the weekends, someone to snuggle at night, and someone to veg out on the couch and watch Netflix with.

One common mistake a lot of women make in relationships is wanting to be with a guy for the sole purpose of being afforded these opportunities. Never take your guy for granted. Not only is it not fair to him, but it’s not fair to you.

  1. Wearing Blinders

In the beginning stages of dating we tend to overlook many red flags when we’re attracted to someone. We may notice certain habits in this other person that are not ideal. But because they’re so attractive, and we have so much fun together, we just tend to ignore all that other stuff… All that bad stuff.

Where are we going with this? Well, it’s another common mistake women are known for making in a new relationship. It’s not a mistake that will push a man away. But instead, it’s a mistake she’ll regret down the road when she realizes she wasted her time with the wrong guy.

  1. Neglecting to Define Things

Ah, the dreaded talk… Are we exclusive? Are we boyfriend and girlfriend? What should we tell our friends and family when they start asking questions? Are we going to make it official?

Blurred lines, unclear expectations, and being on different dating pages can quickly destroy everything. All these things will cause tension, stress, disagreements, and possibly disaster. To avoid uncertainty and doubt, and ultimately the end of your relationship before it even starts, you need to be upfront and honest with each other. That’s right, as hard as it is, you need to have the “talk” with him.

Are you in a new relationship? Are you guilty of any of these behaviors with your new man? If so, it’s time for some re-evaluation.

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