Los Angeles Matchmakers Reveal 5 Common Lies Women Tell

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Whether it’s an effort to spare her boyfriend’s feelings to protect herself, lying from time to time is something that a lot of women do in their relationships. As Los Angeles matchmakers, we know that all lies – from little ones to big ones – are serious deceit and can potentially be detrimental to a relationship. But there are some little fibs that we all know, have told, or have been told.

Today, our dating and relationship experts here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will be covering all those innocent white lies women are known for telling their partners.

  1. I’ll be ready in 10 minutes.

As a guy, if you ever heard this statement from your lady, you should already know that most of the time, it’s far from true. Most women can’t get ready in just ten measly minutes.

If a woman can get ready in ten minutes, then she’s a very good catch and a guy should really hang on to her for dear life. It’s just a silently understood fact that women take a lot of time to get ready, even if they’re only running out to the store.

  1. We were not out that late.

Do you see something wrong with this one? If you said that she’s throwing emphasis on “that,” you’re absolutely right! She wasn’t out that late. Hmm, she could be very well be telling the truth, but the trick is in knowing when she’s trying just a bit too hard to convince you. Sorry, ladies, it’s really no different than saying, “Well, I didn’t spend that much.”

  1. Saying she’s busy can literally mean many things.

What’s the easiest way to get out of something you don’t feel like doing? By saying you’re busy. Women get away with this all the time, and it’s usually because they really know how to sell an excuse. By stating that we’re “busy,” we’re able to avoid most social interactions that we just don’t really want to have, right? Same thing in dating and relationships.

Of course, we don’t just come out and say, “Yeah, sorry, too busy.” Chances are, we’ll come up with a good excuse to get out of going.

  1. Maybe… We’ll see.

A fun way to test this in a new relationship is for a guy to ask a girl if she’d be interested in going to a sporting event with him. That’s a surefire way of getting a “maybe” out of her.

Once again, we’re usually too nice for our own good and never feel like hurting someone else’s feelings. Therefore, rather than saying, “There are about five other things I would much rather do with my time than watch a game,” she will simply give a “Maybe” with hopes you forget.

  1. Saying that she didn’t check your phone when it went off.

It’s annoying to deal with, but it happens. If our partner’s phone goes off right next to us and they’re across the room, it’s just human curiosity to check out who is calling/texting them. And we’re sure everyone reading this dating blog right now has done it.

If nothing else, it’s just a habit because of how often we are constantly checking our phones. Most of the time, it’s not even malicious – it’s just repeated behavior that we do without thinking. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t do it to be nosy. At least not everyone tries to spy on their boyfriend.

How many of these little white lies have you told your boyfriend? Or how many of these little fibs has your girlfriend told you?

Do you have any other little fibs that you tell or have been told?

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