LA Singles Reviews 5 Things Women Should Do on 1st Dates


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First dates can be scary to say the least. You never know if you’re going to have the best or worst time of your life. Usually, we’re so focused on making a good impression that we’re not thinking clearly. And that’s normal. We all do that. There’s a good chance that our date is feeling the same way as we are. But here at LA Singles, we know there are some things everyone needs to do in order to get a second date.

Today, our LA Singles matchmakers are going to show you the top things you should do on your first date if you want to land a second one.

  1. Keep the date short.

Long first dates can be a huge headache. You might even stick your foot in your mouth with a long date. After all, details about your personal life should be kept private until you get to know each other better. Besides, shorter dates can cost a lot less since you only have time for one glass of wine. The longer you stay on your first date, the more chances you have to mess it up.

Another advantage of a short first date is that it leaves you – and him – wanting more. Remember to keep it short.

  1. Don’t show up late.

Being late to anything is a huge turn off. It suggests that you’re unreliable. And being late on a first date sends the message that weren’t really interested in going out with him in the first place. You certainly wouldn’t want your date to show up late, right? Do yourself a favor and get ready ahead of time so you can show up on time. You need to make a good first impression.

If you know that you are going to take forever to get ready or that there will be thick LA traffic, plan ahead so you won’t run into any problems for the date. But if you are running behind, make sure you at least let him know with a text message or quick phone call.

  1. Be confident.

Confidence is a very attractive quality that men look for in a partner. It will score you a lot of points during the first date. But if you don’t feel 100% like you’re there yet, fake it! He won’t know the difference. Besides, the more you act like you are a confident woman, the more you’ll start to become confident.

But if you’re still unsure of yourself, stand in front of a mirror and give yourself a pep talk before the first date. Remind yourself that you are unique and totally amazing. Tell yourself that you’re worth going on a date with because you are a great catch.

  1. Figure out your similarities right away.

Try to find something in common with him early on. This will open up conversation and allow you to bond over something. You can bond over your favorite TV show, a movie, or even a book. Maybe you’re both into working out. Now, wouldn’t talking about your favorite exercise be a great ice breaker for the first date?

You have to find something that you both have in common so that you can keep the conversation going. People tend to get very excited when they learn that they share something in common with the person they are out with, so use it to your advantage. Hey, you can even use a shared interest or hobby as an idea to plan your second date. It’s so easy to say, “So since you love sushi as much as I do, why don’t we check out the new sushi spot downtown?”

  1. Steer clear of controversial and serious conversation.

Just as you don’t want to share too much all at once, you also don’t want to get right down to business with the heavier conversation topics. Do everything you can to steer clear of controversial topics, such as politics and religion. You also want to avoid serious talk about exes and sex. Remember to keep things very lighthearted and fun on your first date.

First dates can be nerve-wracking, especially for women. Just remember to plan ahead and be yourself – but with a little more confidence if you’re lacking it. Embrace the date – nerves and awkwardness too – and just have a good time getting to know each other.

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