Agoura Hills Matchmakers | 3 Signs He Wants to Keep It Casual

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It’s 2019, the year of self-love for women in LA – a time we’ve finally had the chance to connect with ourselves. We were able to figure out what truly makes us happy. And our Agoura Hills matchmakers know that nothing in the world can get in the way now.

More than ever, we now have the strength to meet someone new and start a meaningful relationship. We’re so over playing games with players who only want to keep things casual. That’s the goal for 2019. We decided that the best way to figure out our next step is to analyze the guys we want to date.

To help you figure out what his true intentions are, our Agoura Hills matchmakers are here to help you out. If you’re questioning this guy’s commitment level, take a look at the warning signs he’s only looking to keep things casual.

Signs He Won’t Commit to You – 

  1. He keeps to himself.

If he’s not willing to open up to you, there is probably something off. Instead of showing you his heart, he’s not ready to let you in. If he keeps to himself, then he isn’t willing to settle down and start a relationship. How can he?

Instead, he’s too scared to fully open up to the person he’s dating. If he’s not being open and honest with you, then he’s not 100% ready to commit. If you get the feeling that he’s afraid to settle down in a committed relationship, he’s simply not ready for something serious. Don’t waste your precious time dating a guy who isn’t willing to open up to you. If he was ready to fully settle down and start a relationship, he would have totally done so by now.

  1. The dates are always the same.

If you notice that your dates are constantly the same with this guy, then he isn’t that interested in you. He’s not willing to do something new and exciting with you. He clearly doesn’t see a future with you if things are already stale. If he’s not willing to put effort and dedication into you and the relationship, he’s not worth your time.

There is no point in sticking around with someone who doesn’t think about the future. You deserve someone who is head over heels for you. You deserve someone who will plan fun and romantic dates for the two of you.

  1. He’s always texting.

If he isn’t willing to shift his attention from his phone to you, then you should move on and find someone new. There is no point in sticking around with someone who isn’t willing to give you his full attention. If he thinks that there is something more important than you, then he isn’t the right guy for you.

He simply isn’t ready to settle down. And unfortunately, here is nothing you can do to change his mind. The last thing you want to do is to date someone who isn’t willing to give you all his attention. Plus, no one knows who he’s really texting when he’s not paying attention to you. Whether it’s his best friend or a new love interest, you should ditch him right away. Why? Because you deserve someone who is going to give you their full attention when you’re together.

So what do you say? Is this new guy only wasting your time?

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