LA Matchmakers Reveal Why Dating in Los Angeles Is Difficult

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Once upon a time, dating in Los Angeles was easier. It was calling someone and asking them on a romantic date. It was going up to their front door to let them know it was time to go. It was having dinner together, followed by dancing or going to the movies. There may even have been chocolates or pretty roses involved.

But our LA matchmakers know that’s no longer the norm.

Welcome to 2019, an era where we ask people out through social media platforms. Welcome to a time where we don’t even walk them to their Uber ride at the end of the first date. Where instead of getting to know each other over coffee or dinner, we ghost and shadow, and swipe all day long.

Are you one of the many frustrated singles in Los Angeles who’s struggling to find love? Are you one more dating disaster away from giving up altogether?

Today, our LA matchmakers are going to show you the top reasons why dating in Los Angeles is so difficult today.

Reasons Dating in Los Angeles Is So Difficult for Singles Today

“Mosting” Is the new trend.

Huh? Yeah, 2019 is already full of new dating trends that we can’t even keep up with. These new dating trends make dating so much more complicated for local singles looking for love. One of those new trends is “mosting.”

Are you scratching your head in wonderment? We don’t blame you.

This is basically ghosting a person. The kicker? Before you ghost them, you come on super strong and make them think that you actually have feelings for them.

So not only are people leaving their dates high and dry, but they’re also leading them on. They’re letting them believe they have feelings for them, making things that much worse. Ouch!

People use their friend’s photos online.

Another popular dating trend in today’s modern dating world is called “shadowing.” This dating trend only applies to mobile dating apps and dating sites. But nonetheless, it has become huge in today’s dating scene.

Shadowing is when someone’s online dating profile photo has two or more people and the person claims the more attractive one is them.

The more attractive one is usually positioned in the center, leading people to believe that the person with the profile is the attractive one, but that’s not the case.

It’s easy to fish for dates now.

Fishing for dates sounds like a weird thing, and it is. Not to be confused with catfishing, fishing is where someone sends out a generic message to a bunch of different people across several dating apps and dating sites to see who’s interested in going on a date.

When they see how many bites they get, they then take their pick and look for the best one.

The hardest part about fishing is that it can be really tricky to know when you’re being fished. People that don’t respond after their message are usually the culprits. This definitely makes dating harder for people today.

It’s easy to flirt.

It has never been this easy to flirt with singles. Today, you really need to have a lot of trust in your partner, because social media means that there are so many more avenues through which a person can openly flirt with others.

That’s not to say that everyone is looking to flirt on Instagram, but the opportunity is easier today than it ever was before.

As LA matchmakers, we know that dating in Los Angeles can seem dreadful and daunting. And with all the advances in technology, and those cruel new dating trends, how could it not be?

The answer is simple. With help from our professional matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service. We make it fun and enjoyable!

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