Calabasas Dating Service | 5 Signs He’s Taking you for Granted

Not a great date

It’s not always easy to tell the difference between ordinary relationship issues and a situation in which a guy is taking you for granted. But our Calabasas dating service is here to open your eyes to what may be a glim situation. You should never stay in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t see your value.

But what are the signs that that indicate that he is taking advantage of you?

Today, our Calabasas dating service is going to show you the telltale signs he’s taking you for granted. Our professional matchmakers will also show you how to put an end to it.

  1. He doesn’t apologize after a fight.

“I am so sorry you feel that way” and “I was just kidding” are not real apologies. Nope, they are cheap ones. A man who uses these carefully worded phrases in order to end an argument isn’t treating you with the respect you deserve. He’s assuming you’ll allow him to get off easily if he throws one of these cheap apologies your way. The next time he does something like this, call him out on it and let him know that those aren’t real apologies and you want him to apologize for what he did. Tell him you expect a real apology – one that’s heartfelt and sincere. He’s a full-grown man and needs to man up for his wrong doings.

  1. He acts like you’re crazy for having boundaries.

It’s up to each person in a relationship to set their own boundaries, so what’s “not okay” for you might be “totally fine” for someone else. He can politely disagree with you about your own boundaries, but he should respect them. He should never call you crazy or psycho for having boundaries in the relationship. Don’t let him trick you by putting you down. Let him know that you don’t appreciate being called crazy or psycho for having boundaries.

The right man will respect you more for having boundaries and sticking to them.

  1. He always cancels plans.

Are you always his second option on the weekends? Does he regularly agree on a time to take you out on a romantic date and then cancel on you last minute? This dude is just treating you like his plan B and doesn’t really appreciate you. If your dates are canceled more often than they happen, just let him cancel his way into the sunset and find someone who will respect you and treat you with respect. If he can’t stick to his word and make time for you and the relationship, then he doesn’t deserve to be with you. Next!

  1. He treats you like a second mom.

Some guys seem like they want a girlfriend far less than they want a relationship mom to do their daily chores for them. If you feel like you’re constantly doing his laundry, washing his dishes, and doing the grocery shopping every weekend, take a step back and ask why he can’t do these things for himself. It may be time to have a serious talk with him and divide the chores between the two of you. If he refuses to clean up after himself like a grown adult, you don’t have to put up with him anymore. Let him know that you’re his partner, not his mother.

  1. He brushes you off.

When he’s not canceling plans on you, he’s brushing you off in other ways. Whether he’s brushing off your ideas, suggestions, and opinions or slyly weaseling his way out of plans, he’s not showing you the respect you deserve. If he can’t even listen to your thoughts and feelings, then he’s not worth your time.

No woman deserves to be taken for granted, especially by the person she loves most in the world. If your guy is taking you for granted, it’s time you bring it to his attention. If he’s willing to address the issue and make changes, we wish you the best of luck. If he refuses to admit his wrongdoing, then you know what you need to do. It’s time to walk away.

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