Over 40 Singles in Los Angeles | Hottest Dating Trends in 2019

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Over 40 singles in Los Angeles, you know that dating is no walk in the park, especially in today’s modern dating world. However, each year it seems that the dating trends are evolving, and 2019 is no different.

If you are single in LA today, there are a few new dating trends you need to know. These dating trends could have a huge impact on your dating life and your chances of finding love.

Los Angeles Dating Trends in 2019

One positive thing is that over 40 singles in Los Angeles are focusing on finding true love now more than ever before. The age of Tinder and other dating apps or casual dating is taking a back seat to the search for real love. Over 40 singles in Los Angeles are looking for long-term and committed relationships. The booty call days are long gone.

The next one is essential, ladies. A new trend is indicating women are going to stop doing things they “should do” and do whatever they want when it comes to dating. Women have long felt they needed to do what is expected of them, as opposed to what they really want to do. It looks like this year women are saying “no” more often. They are standing firm when it comes to who and what they want in a partner/relationship.

Another new dating trend is adventure. The new dating scene is about to let go of the standard dinner or drinks dates for something more fun and exciting. Our Los Angeles matchmakers believe that singles today now want dates to be focused on having fun. The good thing about this trend is that it gives singles many of opportunities to try something new and adventurous.

Mindfulness in relationships is going to be front and center in the next coming year. Those who embark on a meaningful relationship this year will discover people are more into being open, talking about their feelings and emotions, and they’re ready for adventure. This wonderful trend also means singles will take more time finding a partner to build a real relationship with.

Last and most important: kindness is key. Although this may not seem like it would be a dating trend, it needs to be on our list. It is super important not only during the early stages of the relationship but also if things are not working out. Instead of ghosting someone, over 40 singles in Los Angeles are now finding a way to say no thank you in a nice and friendly way. They’re no longer disappearing after dates. They’re just being honest and open when things don’t work out. It’s all about getting back to human decency instead of being rude. This simple act of kindness allows everyone to move on with closure and without questioning what they did wrong. They can move on with ease, knowing that things simply didn’t work out – that they weren’t compatible and that it wasn’t anything they did wrong.

There are a lot of great dating trends happening this year. If you’ve been struggling to navigate the LA dating scene, or simply don’t have time to look for dates on your own, let us help. Our professional matchmakers will scout, screen, and provide you with hand-selected dates who are a great match for you. Plus, we’ll inform you of all the latest in dating and provide you with expert dating coaching to ensure your romantic success.

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