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When we picture some of the most romantic gestures, we tend to think of someone standing in the rain professing their love or even writing a huge love letter. We then roll our eyes and think: “Pfft, that only happens in the movies.” Are we right? Well, here at Los Angeles Singles, we know that a lot of these small yet meaningful gestures are not just in the movies. That’s right, they still exist in small doses. But unfortunately, these authentic acts of love have fallen by the wayside in today’s modern dating world.

Old-School Dating Moves That Still Work Today

Today, our Los Angeles Singles matchmakers are going to reveal old-school dating habits women should still use in 2019.

  1. Compliment him often.

Even though there are many old-school dating moves that don’t work today, there are a few that will work wonders. If we want to make a guy melt, we should definitely compliment him often.

We want to sound genuine so we shouldn’t say that his hair looks great when he’s already said he’s having a bad hair day and threw a baseball cap on. But it’s a good idea to let him know that he has nice blue eyes and nice toned arms. You can even tell him that he has great taste in clothes. He’ll love hearing those compliments from you. You’ll ease his nerves and set the tone.

  1. Wait for him to open the door and be a gentleman.

If you want to make him melt, then you need to let him be a gentleman for you. That would make him happy and allow him to feel like he’s taking care of you.

Of course, we can open our own doors – and he totally understands that too. There is just something sweet and romantic about letting a guy open the door for his girlfriend or the girl he’s out on a first date with. It’s totally okay to admit that we love when a guy does that for us.

  1. Let him pay for dinner or the date.

It’s become a real big debate in today’s modern dating world: does a guy have to pay for a girl when they go out on a first date? If we like when a guy makes the decision to cover the bill, then we probably think that this is nice and he’s showing that he’s really interested in us.

The truth is that many guys love paying for the first date. They feel like it’s the right thing to do since they are asking us out on a date. And they’re not trying to insult us because, of course, they know that we can pay for our own food.

If we let a guy pay for the first date, he’ll definitely love that.

  1. Telling him that he makes us feel comfortable.

When we really want our boyfriend to melt for us, we should tell him that he makes us feel super comfortable. We can even cuddle with him as we say it because that will make things even better. Yes, this is very cheesy and old-school, but it works wonders.

Guys love hearing these words from a woman. It makes them feel like they’re protecting us and taking care of us. It makes them feel macho.

  1. Writing him a hand-written love letter.

Sure, everyone loves getting a mid-afternoon text from their crush or loved one. But what’s better than a quick and casual “Thinking about you” text? A hand-written love letter letting them know just how special they really are to you.

A text is a great way to quickly let your guy know you’re thinking about him and can’t wait to see him after work. But sometimes you just need something more personal to let him know just how much you love and adore him.

If you want to solidify your love and show him how wonderful you find him, use these old-school dating moves to get the job done. Every day is a chance to show him how special he is to your life.

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