Agoura Hills Matchmakers | 5 Signs He’s Keeping You a Secret

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Have you dated someone that just gave you a weird feeling? Sometimes things can seem to be going really well, but there’s a level of mystery that makes you think that something just isn’t quite right. Maybe you get the feeling that your new boyfriend is keeping you a secret and no one knows that you guys are dating each other. Ah, you’re not alone. Our Agoura Hills matchmakers have heard it many times before. Hey, with all the dogs out there in the LA dating scene, it’s a natural worry for women today.

5 Signs He’s Keeping You a Secret

Get the feeling he’s keeping you hush? Starting to worry you’re not on the same page? Today, our Agoura Hills matchmakers are going to reveal the telltale warning signs he’s keeping you a secret.

  1. Your dates are at odd times.

He claims he loves early dinners, but you’re not buying it. And you shouldn’t. In all honesty, he knows that the later he’s out, the greater his chances of being spotted by his friends. What’s weirder? Sometimes, the dates are super-fast. Fast food is a big one, but coffee is even more of a dead giveaway. Why? Reason being, he could always say that he’s grabbing coffee with a co-worker during a break.

  1. You have never met his family.

And if you have, it’s been that one strange family member he had no intentions of bumping into. If he says his family isn’t close to him or that they don’t do anything for holidays, it’s a huge red flag. Even if he’s on bad terms with his family, they probably at least want to see him for special occasions.

Ladies, you have to be careful with this one, though. If you’re just starting to date, he might just be waiting for the right time or to ensure he sees you as a part of his future before making that big introduction.

  1. You’re not “In a relationship” on Facebook.

Even if he’s not always on social media, it’s still important to be Facebook official with your boyfriend. That’s the easiest way for him to announce to the world that the two of you are in a committed relationship. If he hasn’t made the change from single to in a relationship, then he’s keeping you a secret. This is especially true if he frequents Facebook.

  1. He doesn’t take selfies with you.

Don’t be the girl who needs to have a million selfies with her boyfriend to post online and brag to the world. Also, don’t be the girl who has zero photos with her boyfriend based on his refusal to take pictures. Maybe he’s feeling a little self-conscious or maybe he’s not into taking pictures. That’s totally okay. However, he should be willing to step out of his comfort zone to take at least one phone pic with you if you’re out on a date with him. If not, it’s possible he’s keeping you a secret.

  1. He takes a long time to make plans.

After texting him about going to see a movie for the upcoming weekend, it literally takes a day for him to give you a yes or no answer. That could mean many different things. For one, he could be checking the schedule of another girlfriend to see if he can make it work. Or two, he’s really not that into you and doesn’t want to make plans to go to the movies with you.

How many of these signs do you spot in your guy? Do you think he’s keeping you a secret? Are you right in your suspicions?

Don’t waste your time with a guy who doesn’t want to show you off to the world and make a commitment. You deserve so much more.

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