Malibu Matchmakers | 5 Toxic Habits That Ruin Relationships

Sad and thoughtful man after arguing with girlfriend

Married? Dating someone new? Committed relationship? Regardless of the stage of dating you’re currently in, we’re sure you want to avoid the major relationship pitfalls. Oh, yeah, you know what we’re talking about here – we’re talking about toxic habits that sabotage relationships. Our Malibu matchmakers are here to help you do just that.

Relationships don’t usually end quickly – they slowly fade. Each day, decisions are made that gradually dictate the course of the relationship.

The decisions you make during your relationship will either make or break it.

Today, our Malibu matchmakers are going to reveal the most common toxic habits couples make. Strengthen your relationship by avoiding these bad habits.

  1. Comparing the other person with an ex.

Our exes tell a story about us: of the people we were before we got to the point we’re at today, of the value we hold in the past and present, and a lot more.

Speaking for a lot of people, you can often learn a lot about someone just by knowing their exes.

That being said, comparing your current relationship with your ex, while it can be healthy on occasion, really shows the potential toxicity of your relationship.

Either you’re doing it to bring your current partner down or you actually have leftover feelings for your ex. But either way, it’s bad for your relationship.

  1. Letting themselves go.

When you’re in a relationship, you often end up getting what you always wanted. The comfy weekends at home instead of going out to eat all the time. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, letting yourself go to the point of being unhealthy or no longer looking like you did before you started dating could be a major problem.

Thankfully, even if you’re both guilty of this one already, it’s one of those things that can easily be fixed by you and your partner being proactive. This means taking the initiative to change and start being healthy again.

  1. Making one partner responsible for something they shouldn’t be.

We’re often told that we need to rely on our partners for everything in our lives, to the point where they should be the main source of our happiness.

This is super toxic and can hurt your relationship. Why? Because it puts too much pressure on your partner.

This attitude makes it so if you’re not happy, it’s your partner who is to blame. In reality, we are all responsible for our own happiness. If you forget that, you will end up losing your relationship.

  1. Telling white lies.

Occasional white lie are socially acceptable for many different things. But one place a white lie has no place is in your relationship. If you can’t be fully honest with your partner about serious things, to the point where you use white lies and half-truths to hide what’s really going on, that’s a huge sign that the relationship is toxic.

Lying to your partner not only shows that there isn’t a healthy amount of trust in the relationship, it actively erodes the trust that is there to begin with. You need to stop telling white lies to your partner if you want to save your relationship.

  1. Not showing any appreciation.

Too many couple don’t show their appreciation in the relationship. Answer this: how many times a day do you say thank you to your partner? Whether it’s for surprising you with a thoughtful gift, for helping out with something around the house, or simply for being them?

If you’re not showing appreciation in your relationship, your partner is going to feel taken advantage of. This is one of the ways couples ruin their relationships and don’t see it until it’s late.

Are you guilty of any of these toxic relationship habits? If so, it’s time you cut them out now. If you keep engaging in these toxic behaviors, you’re putting your loving relationship at risk.

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