Beverly Hills Matchmakers | 5 Signs of a Horrible Girlfriend

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When two people enter a relationship, they’re lovey-dovey and head over heels for each other. As time goes on, they open up to each other more and more. But sometimes they’re willing to ignore certain personality traits because they have been together for a long time. Our Beverly Hills matchmakers know this isn’t the right thing to do in a relationship. If a woman is starting to display some seriously bad personality traits, it’s better to get out now.

Sure, a guy might try talking to her in hopes she will change (wishful thinking). But if she has a lot more than just one than just one unhealthy habit that’s starting to hurt the relationship, then you need to get out right away.

5 Surefire Warning Signs She’s a Bad Girlfriend 

Today, our Beverly Hills matchmakers are going to reveal the top warning signs of a horrible girlfriend.

  1. She stresses over little things.

She needs to stop being so petty!! It’s not her job to freak out about everything. Her job is to appreciate you for who you are and encourage you to be awesome. When the relationship hits a bump along the way, they need to deal with the problems as a couple and stop stressing about little things. If she stresses because you’re five minutes late walking in the door for work once in a while, that’s a warning sign. What is she flipping out about? Is she jealous? Super possessive? This can lead to bigger problems down the road.

  1. She gets jealous.

If a girl can’t handle her boyfriend talking to another woman, she’s letting the green-eyed monster come out. If she doesn’t act on her jealous tendencies, she’s going to get more and more angry inside. However, if she says anything to her boyfriend, it’s going to eventually hurt the relationship.

Does your girlfriend go nuts when a female coworker talks to you? Does she light up with rage when a female friend you haven’t seen in years comments on a Facebook post? These are all insignificant things that she shouldn’t be getting bent out of shape over. Your girlfriend obviously has some insecurity issues she needs to work out on her own.

  1. She gets mad and doesn’t say why.

Ladies, men aren’t mind readers. Therefore, there’s no reason why a woman should think that men can read minds. By not voicing her issues, she’s making her man guess them. Unless he’s straight out of a superhero movie, he’s not going to be able to read her mind.

If she leaves you guessing what’s going on, she’s purposely allowing herself to feel angry for a longer period of time. This isn’t fair. If something is going on, she needs to say it right away. Not only is this immature, but it’s very detrimental to the relationship.

  1. She always wants to be treated like a princess.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a girl who wants to be treated like a princess and spoiled by her partner. What makes the princess life a little tiring is when she refuses to treat her man like a prince. It’s not fair for one partner to get special treatment all the time. All relationships require give and take.  Therefore, if your girlfriend doesn’t do anything nice for you but expects the world from you, it’s time to take your blinders off.

  1. She doesn’t know how to compromise.

Ask anyone: all good relationship are built with two people who know how to compromise. He won’t make plans with friends on date night and she won’t decide where they go every time. To be a good partner, both of you have to make the other feel equal in the relationship. They yield to some things and fight for others, as it should be. If a girlfriend doesn’t know how to compromise and always gets her own way, she’s a horrible girlfriend. You don’t deserve to be with someone who doesn’t know how to give and take.

If you notice a handful of these warning signs in your girlfriend, it’s time you face reality. You’re have a bad girlfriend on your hands. It’s not fair for anyone to not be treated right in a relationship. Above all, we know you deserve so much more.

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