Single Women in Los Angeles | Top 5 Signs He’s a Show-Off

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Single women in Los Angeles, we’re sure you’ve come across your fair share of them – SHOW-OFFS! But before you get wrapped up in someone who’s going to leave you embarrassed and exhausted, know how to spot them and avoid them.

Ah, yep… We meet a new guy and fall harder than we can explain. Before we go on a few dates and then decide that we’re in a relationship with each other, we should ask ourselves a very important question: is he a show-off?

That will tell you everything you need to know about his personality and how he’s going to behave when he’s your partner.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball that we can see into the future. We don’t know exactly how he’s going to behave once we get into a relationship with him. But we can at least make things a little easier for ourselves and know what type of guy we are dealing with from the start.

Today, our Los Angeles matchmakers are going to the reveal the top signs he’s a show-off.

  1. He post selfies all the time.

Does this guy post selfies on his Instagram account? Every time you scroll through your feed is that exactly what you see? This might not seem like a big deal since everyone posts selfies, right? Our besties, our coworkers, even our parents.

While this feels like a subtle cue, it’s a pretty clear sign that he is a show-off. The fact that he loves taking pictures of himself doesn’t necessarily mean the he’s incredibly full of himself, but he most likely is obsessed with the attention he receives. This is also a sign he’s lacking true confidence.

  1. He orders for you at the restaurant.

It is our pet peeve when a guy orders for the woman he’s dating while on a date. You can definitely order for yourself. Furthermore, you should want to. After all, it’s part of the fun of going out on a date and eating out. This shows that he wants to be in charge of everything in the relationship, including you. He might think that he is being romantic and sweet, but it goes deeper than that.

  1. He invites you to big events.

Does he invite you to fancy and elegant parties? Sure, he acts like these are going to be exciting and fun – and all the rage. But when you think about it, it really seems like he just brings you along so he can show you off to his friends.

  1. Conversation always revolves around him.

Have we ever met a friend’s boyfriend and totally thought that he was conceited and rude? A total jerk? But when you mentioned it to another friend who was also there, they didn’t see it that way?

This is probably because he was talking about himself a lot while he also asking other people a lot of questions. Show-offs tend to be extremely friendly and social, while also making themselves the center of the show. They ask other people questions, but they often interrupt and don’t let them answer. Chances are, he was asking so many questions that people didn’t notice that he was the only one doing the talking. Beware if you’re dating a guy who talks, talks, talks, and never shares the floor.

  1. He brags a lot.

Well, you know we had to include this one on our list even though it’s the most obvious. If he’s constantly bragging about his job, his shiny new car, his swanky penthouse, etc., you know he’s a show-off. If you rarely get to talk or chime in, unless you’re complimenting him and oohing and awing, then he doesn’t value getting to know you. He doesn’t want to share the spotlight. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who is always stealing the show and never lets you talk?

Ladies, to avoid frustration down the road, know how to spot a show-off from the get-go.

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