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Good men are hard to come by nowadays, so it is no surprise that women want to know the secrets for keeping a good catch interested. And no, we are not going to suggest sending revealing pictures of yourself. As the best Hollywood Hills dating service, we know there are many effortlessly effective ways you can keep a guy interested. As soon as you understand the secrets for keeping a guy’s interest piqued, your chances of keeping him hooked on you will vastly increase.

5 Expert Secrets to Keep Him Hooked on You

Today, our LA matchmakers will show you the top secrets for keeping a guy interested in you for good.

  1. Do something he loves.

No, we don’t always feel like watching football or MMA fights, but it is healthy to do things our partner loves once in a while. Trust us, it goes a long way in the relationship.

Even though you may think it’s silly to spend the entire Sunday watching football and eating junk food, it will make him gush. If he feels he has a woman who is always going to support his activities, he will stick around forever. Be enthusiastic about it, and you will keep him interested.

  1. Let him initiate the communication.

Ladies, although you may be super excited about your new guy, you cannot do all the work in the relationship. That being said, if you let him come to you sometimes, contrary to what you believe, you’ll have him interested in you more. Why? Because when he does make the first move by texting or calling you, you’ll let him know that you appreciate his efforts – it is simple as that.

Nothing should be one-sided, especially communication. But if you let him make the extra effort and thank him for doing so, he will not mind doing it in the future.

  1. Have fun together.

Just because you are seeing a guy, that doesn’t mean you have to lose your zest for life. If anything, having a playful side is key for having a healthy relationship. No man wants to be with a woman who is always serious and doesn’t know how to have fun. Lighten up from time to time and really have fun with him.

  1. Let him win.

Men can be huge babies – we all know that. Therefore, sometimes giving them a pass and letting them win, will do wonders for your relationship.

If every single time you guys get in a dispute he loses, or every time you’re trying to figure out where to go out to eat, he loses, he will be dissatisfied. This could make him take a few steps back from the relationship. And since you evidently do not want that, let your man win from time to time.

  1. Love yourself always.

This one is easier said than done, since we all seem to be hypercritical of ourselves. But take it from us, men don’t want a woman who is constantly feeling down and out about herself. You’re not perfect – no one is. You know that and he knows that, but don’t go pointing out it out all the time. In his eyes, you are perfect – you’re perfect for him. Acknowledge your flaws and work on changing those things you don’t like or feel like you could improve. Leave it at that.

Ladies, as a Hollywood Hills dating service with over 30 years of success in matchmaking, we know what men want in a long-term partner, a wife. Use these helpful tips from our matchmakers and keep your man hooked for good.

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