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Calling all singles in Los Angeles! Here at Los Angeles Singles, we want to ease your dating burdens and help you find the love you deserve. In this LA dating blog, we’re going to release some dating red flags to watch out for – you’ll thank us later.

You can’t change who people are, but you can avoid them and their bad dating behaviors. With so many great singles in Los Angeles, it’s important you know how to spot the bad ones. Ladies, don’t settle for a guy who isn’t mature enough to be in a relationship and makes you feel insecure. There are a lot of ways you can tell a guy isn’t the one for you.

If you notice any of these bad dating behaviors, be suspicious. Don’t stick around to see how things will turn out.

Dating Behaviors to Watch Out for

Single women in Los Angeles, save yourselves time, frustrations, and heartbreak by being on the lookout. Today, our Los Angeles matchmakers are going to reveal bad dating behaviors to be on the lookout for.

  1. He’s already obsessed with you.

You’ve been on a few dates with him and he’s already calling you his girlfriend. He texts you all day long and even wants to introduce you to his family. Sure, maybe he’s a nice guy who knows what he wants in a relationship. Or maybe he likes the idea of being in love. Either way, be suspicious if he’s all over you without really knowing you.

  1. He’s overly inquisitive.

At first, it might seem like a good thing. He’s asking you so many questions about yourself because he’s interested in dating you. But is he sharing anything about himself, or is he just asking you questions? He might be overly inquisitive because he’s making sure you’re good enough. In other words, this means this relationship is already one-sided. And we shouldn’t have to tell you, that’s not a healthy start to a relationship.

  1. He’s guarded.

You can tell he’s been hurt in a previous relationship and isn’t ready to be in a new one. We’re not saying that this is a major red flag or that you should run away. However, you should be cautious. Chances are, it’s going to take a long time for him to heal from the past and be ready to be in a new relationship.

  1. He overshares.

He loves gossip. He shares everything about his friends and family with you. He even tells you all the secrets from his co-workers. There’s no way you can trust him with your own secrets. Trust us, if he’s sharing everyone else’s personal information with you, he’s sharing your stories with his friends too.

  1. His personality changes.

His personality in person is totally different than his personality when he’s texting you. That’s odd! He shouldn’t change when he gets behind a screen. But alas, he does. He asks super personal questions and behaves completely out of his in-person character. Similarly, he even says sexual things when he’s texting you but acts different in person. He sounds like a freak who doesn’t know who he really is. This should creep you out.

  1. He only wants to chill.

His idea of a romantic date is watching Netflix at home and ordering a pizza. He’s lazy when it comes to planning dates and doesn’t put any effort into the relationship. That’s not a partner, that’s just a friend. He should want to impress you and woo you during the early stages of the relationship. After all, this is the most important stage in dating. This is where he should be on his best behavior and be putting his best foot forward to impress you.

If he can’t be bothered to put any efforts forth now, what do you think he’s going to be like in a few months or years? He’s going to be lazy and expect you to do everything in the relationship. You deserve better than that. You deserve someone who wants to sweep you off your feet. And don’t let him use money as an excuse. There are plenty of affordable, low cost, and free date ideas, especially here in sunny Los Angeles.

Single women in Los Angeles, don’t waste your time dating the wrong guys. Above all, keep an eye out for these bad dating behaviors and move on when you see them.

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