Mature Singles in Los Angeles | The Ultimate First Date Tips

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Mature singles in Los Angeles, we don’t have to tell you… First dates can be scary to say the least. You want everything to be as perfect as it can be. It might be with someone you already know or someone you just me through our LA elite matchmaking firm. But you want to be prepared for anything. You want to be in full control of your emotions, instead of sweating and being filled with anxiety and nerves.

This helpful list from our LA matchmakers will ensure you’re not forgetting anything before heading out the door for your first date. It will cover everything you need to know, so all you have to focus on is having a great time and getting to know your date.

The Ultimate First Date Tips

If you’re one of the thousands of mature singles in Los Angeles who sweats and dreads first dates, we have the stay cool tips you need.

Keep reading as our LA matchmakers reveal the best first date tips.

  1. Know the venue.

You want to get rid of any nerves before the big date. One of the best ways to do this is to be educated about the venue of the date. If possible, you should check out their website and browse over the menu ahead of time. This will help you feel calm and able to talk instead of study the menu. You’ll be able to plan exactly what you want to order before you get there.

That not only reduces your stress about ordering but also allows you to budget ahead of time. Knowing where you’re headed gives you the perfect chance to dress for the venue, as well as understand the parking situation and everything about the place. Being familiar and comfortable with the venue will help your nerves fade away.

  1. Go with the natural look.

This one is for all the single women reading this dating blog today. It can be tempting to pound tons of makeup on and hide every flaw on your face. However, we advise you don’t do that. Most guys prefer a woman who doesn’t pile makeup on to cover herself up.

It might be a part of your daily routine to slather on pounds of makeup, but you should lay off the heavy cosmetics for a first date. This isn’t to say that makeup is a bad thing, because most of us rely on our makeup. But it is important to make sure that you are not overdoing it to the point that you look completely different.

  1. Personal hygiene is key.

This is one that most mature singles in Los Angeles should already know and follow. But we’re still going to mention it. You should never, under any circumstance, go to your first date without getting a shower beforehand. This is, if anything, the most important first date tip we can give you. No one wants to continue dating someone who smells like they just stepped out of a hot yoga or boxing session.

It is also recommended you take the time to really pamper yourself before you go to your first date. This will help you feel more relaxed during the date. You should also consider splurging on some scented soaps and lotions to smell divine on your date. If you’re tempted to spray some cologne or perfume, go easy – a dab will do.

  1. Teeth whitening can really help.

Your smile is your best friend. Believe us, your dates will never end well if you neglect your smile. This is why it’s so important to take care of your teeth. It is often said that a smile is the window to your soul, so you should want it to look its best.

There are many whitening kits available on the market that will whiten your teeth in just a few minutes. A beautiful white smile will make you look beautiful and boost your confidence for your first date.

  1. Be Confident.

Above all, you need to be confident. Easier said than done, right? Of course. After all, it’s a first date and you’re nervous. But guess what? So is your date! Most mature singles in Los Angeles are in the same boat as you.

Even if you’re feeling like a bundle of nerves inside, put on your best face. Try not to let your nervousness show. Smile, greet them in a friendly manner, walk tall, and remember your good posture. Doing these things will automatically help you look and feel more comfortable and secure in yourself. There’s nothing more attractive than a man or woman who shows up looking in charge of the situation on a first date. Believe us, you’ll make your date feel more comfortable and more attracted to you too.

Many mature singles in Los Angeles find first dates just as nerve-wracking as you do. But if you follow these tips from our LA matchmaking experts, we’re sure you’ll feel more confident on your next date.

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